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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

All about my rebonded caramel hair

My hair had been and is still taken care of by Jean Yip at Whitesands.

Previously was long, soft rebonding with spa perm.
Did a blog post as well, if you hadn't read, click here

Decided to cut them shorter before last year's X'mas cos' my hair was dropping and dropping.
About 3 inches were cropped off.

Sorry, didn't put on make-up and I looked hideous.
Initially the fringe was really funny which fan out like fangs.

Pic taken the next day after rebonding.

It was a good change, so much more easier to manage but I soon became bored.
After Chinese New Year, I wanted to do something drastic.
Everybody had their hair dyed red.  It's nice (and auspicious) no doubt but I don't like the idea of following the crowd.

I showed my hair-stylist Danny this pic of  Tsubasa from one of the magazine ~~

I wasn't thinking when I showed him the picture, it was very impulsive.
I didn't even know if it suits >.<
But I suppose had to 敢敢 give it a try.  Hair bleaching is not like body tattoo, I can always regret and change it.  So yup, here's some pics during the process~~

Last self-shot in black hair, on my way to the salon.

Love my Camomilla bag, hope to buy another one from this brand.

Bleaching in process.....
Was it smelly? Nope
Any scalp irritation?  Nope
I was very comfortable.

Cling wrapped my head cos' I needed a leak to the wash room.

One time bleach to achieve this color.

 金毛狮王 lolxx...


Not many people likes it.  They say make me look shallow, yellow and old.
Heck, it's not as if I am going to have this color for the rest of my life.
You may continue to love your boring beautiful black hair for the rest of your life, don't bother me then.

Another common question people like to ask - is it very drying?
Yes, but only very slightly.  After hair conditioning, is silky smooth like before.
Was advised by the salon to do hair masks diligently and wash hair with cold water.
I applied leave-on conditioner during the day for further moisture too.

I must be the only blogger who doesn't have hair sponsors.  This is not a sponsored post, I paid through my nose for the above rebond and bleach, fml.  What's the damage to my pocket, I really don't know.  Actually bought a package of 5 sessions of perm/rebond/color/treatment and I can't remember how much I paid for the it.

Still not sure of what to do with it when the black roots starts to show, any suggestions?


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, many don't have nice experience with them. But so far so good for me for these couple of years :)

  2. That's good. I want to find a good salon which I can go to regularly but so far cannot find leh.