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Friday, 22 February 2013

Reunion Dinner at PuTien Tampines (莆田)

Pu Tien wasn't my first choice, wanted to book Imperial Treasure at Paragon for their Peking Duck but I was too late, they were fully booked.  I so sad sia :((  craving for Peking Duck so badly now.  Anyway it beats preparing steamboat or cooking at home, cos' I was exhausted after long hours of work non-stop for 15 days before Chinese New Year's Eve.

Self-take while waiting for the restaurant to let in 8pm batch of customers.
My hair was still black then.  If you follow on my Instagram, you know it's now gold ;P

The bill came up to $672

Mandarin orange carrier as gift which came useful and handy for me.

Salmon not too well sliced...

Raw fish symblolise 年年有余 Abundance through the year;
Pomelo = 大吉大利 Auspicious and good luck;

Dash of pepper = 招财进宝 Attract wealth and treasures
Pour of oil = 财源广进, 一本万利  Gash of wealth and ten thousand times of profit

Tossing of carrots = 鸿运当头 Good luck approaching;
Further tossing of green radish = 青春常驻 Forever young;
Crazy tossing of white radish = 风生水起, 步步高升For prosperity in business and promotion in career
Mix it all up with deep fried little square crackers = 满地黄金 Floor full of gold!!

Chilli was really yummy....

Pen Cai 盆菜 with lots of expensive ingredients.
I felt that the taste was a bit bland, maybe they didn't simmer long enough...

 Was very happy with the little abalones though, we finished the whole pot of it eventually, heehee....

I LOVE soon hock fish!!
I licked every bone and sucked the head clean.

Stir fried asparagus, lack of garnish, looked unappealing but it's very tasty!

My kids' favourite - Sweet sour pork with lychee
Very crispy, drools at my own pic :P~~

Rice noodles was served individually and I didn't take pic of it, but was a thumbs up.
The noodles were soft and smooth with richness of soup stock.

Dessert was this special yam paste with mixed fruits.
Nice nice, which ended the dinner sweetly ^.^

Overall PuTien's dishes were mildly flavoured with very very little oil, in fact I didn't see any trace of oil.
Was quite happy with the dinner except that the damage hurts a little.
What to do since I didn't want to toil in the kitchen?

Pu Tien Restaurant (Tampines Mall)
4 Tampines Central 5
#B1-27 Tampines Mall
Tel: 6781 2162

OOTD - Ao Dai bought from my previous Ho Chi Minh trip

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