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Friday, 19 October 2012

Brain Boost with AFC Ultimate DHA70

*Sponsored Review

School exam is around the corner and it's sure stressful for my Primary 5 Luis boy as well as me T__T  I would check his pencil case, make sure he brings everything, extra tuition lessons, nag and nag like any other mothers, tried coaxing him with chocolates and ice-creams, even went to Bangkok to pray for his studies.

His soul will wander to la la land while his eyes on the book -_____-  This naughty boy just can't concentrate.  At this crucial junction Lifestream Group send this to me ~~

Ultimate DHA70
from AFC Japan

Revolutionary Breakthrough - DHA supplement unlike any others

  • Concentrated DHA 70% fish oil, extracted from precious deep sea tuna eye socket
  • High DHAlow EPA ensure DHA penetration to blood-brain barrier
  • Scientifically proven with collaborative research from university and hospital
  • Quality and safety assurance, free from heavy metals and pollutants

Ultimate DHA70 & Brain Benefits for Infants, Children & Elderly
Pregnant & Lactating Mother
  • DHA is transferred accross placenta to fetuses for brain and eye development
  • Infants receive DHA from breastmilk
  • Higher maternal DHA is associated with higher intelligence score, better behavioral and eye developments
  • Vital for brain and eye development in fetuses, babies and growing children
  • Supports healthy birth weight and gestational period
  • Promotes memory, learning ability and concentration
  • Relieves anxiety, hyperactivity & attention deficit problems
  • Helps delay age-related cognitive and neurological decline
  • Better eye and heart health

*Images and product information from http://lifestreamgroup.com/

I give 2 capsules to my young man Darren daily.  Luis is very "troublesome", refused to swallow the capsules, so I mix them into his milo.  Initially, I tried bursting the capsules between my thumb and fore finger, failed.   So I snip the capsules with scissors ~

Hubby said I should take some too, so as not to be so blur and bimbotic -____-  Very annoying, but if you are "suffering" from blur-ness like me, this is the right supplement.  Okay, seriously, though being a blur mother, I always want the best for my children.  Ultimate DHA70 is not a magic pill, but sure will help my growing children.

Now.... here's good news for my dear readers!
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You can also purchase Ultimate DHA70 online at http://lifestreamgroup.com/
Below is a print screen of it.

Do not miss this special price offer @S$71.85 (U.P @S$74.67)

I had purchase Yamamoto Konjac Sponges from Lifestream Group too.  Click here for review!

Delivery is really fast, within 2 working days upon order within Singapore, payment by card, cash or paypal at your convenience.  Overseas shipping available, charges applicable depending on region.  Click on for further information ~

or call (65)6535 7333

Disclaimer -
Although this is a sponsored review, this blog post is base on my personal views.  I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.  Capsules consumed by my children without side effects, but result and reactions may varies on individuals.

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