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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dirty Works - Bye Bye Dark Circles

*Sponsored review

I was at GlamoGirl's office to collect my prize I won from their Facebook.
Thank you GlamoGirl for this pic with their cute photo border ^.^

My prize -
Bye Bye Dark Circles from Dirty Works.
(heehee..... witty brand name isn't it.)

Concealer for eye area in a cute cube.

 When I opened the cube, I was surprised that it comes in 2 tones.




Packaging - The packaging is really cute. But my worry is what happened when the concealer is half used,  my long nails may just get obstructed by the cube.  I understand the purpose of having 2 tones is to suit different skin tones.  But it did not benefit me as I'm fair and the light tone is just right for me.  The darker tone of concealer is totally wasted.  It says at the package that it's perfectly sized for popping into our handbags.  But the thing is, I don't normally touch-up concealers when I'm out, I only bring compact powder in my bag.

Fragrance - Fragrance Free

Texture -  It's really greasy in texture.  However, it was absolutely fine after brushing on mineral foundation powder over.

Coverage - It's conceals my dark circles very well, just 3 dabs under each eye and I'm done!  Easy and fast.  Previously was using Faceshop's concealer, have to dab many many times before it can blend properly. I'm using the light tone only.  But if you skin tone is medium to sun-kissed, you can blend the 2 tones to get your right shade by dabbing.

As the texture is greasy, I felt "insecured" and check in the mirror after a couple of hours.  Only to realise that not only did this concealer covers my dark circles, it smoothen out fine lines too!  I winked, squinted did all funny expressions and my eye area was still SMOOTH without a crease.  And it stayed nicely throughout the day.

You can get Dirty Works Bye Bye Dark Circles online @S$11.90

Disclaimer -
Please note that I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.  Review is based on my own experience. Product may or may not be suitable for other individuals.


  1. Interesting :) didnt know dirty works did a make-up range. Might have to check this out xxx

  2. yeah i also never heard of it honestly I'm quite impress with the packaging..very catchy :-)