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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Choc Goji

*Sponsored review

I have got a healthy snack to share!

Choc Goji

Choc Goji simply means Goji berries (wolfberries) covered with chocolate.  Goji berry 枸杞子 is a traditional Chinese medicine as well as a common ingredient for oriental soups and dishes.  Goji berry contains essential amino acids, vitamins A & C which are beneficial to our eyes, liver and kidney.  

It's absolutely genius that this nutritious traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can now be taken as a snack conveniently in a packet of Choc Goji at anytime of the day.

 Goji berries covered with chocolate.  Simply amazing that chinese medicine can be tasty too!

Choc Goji comes in 3 different chocolate coatings; milk chocolate, dark chocolate and sugar-free chocolate.  

I am having with me dark chocolate.

After the photo-shoots, my kids gobbled up the whole packet!
I ate only a few T___T
Well, actually I'm more than happy, cos' my kids are picky eaters.
It will be mission impossible to make them drink herbal soup with wolfberries or to eat the berries.
Imagine Choc Goji is good enough to "tricked" them and they love it!

Retail price S$3.95

Happy & Healthy snacking!

1 comment:

  1. Le bonheur au coeur de vos cellules avec le GOJI, secret de la Santé et de la Jeunesse des tibétains !