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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

Opposite of  I12Katong, there is a street of restaurants.
Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant is one of them.
Popped in last Saturday with sis and hubby for a feast.

Famished, we ordered a-la-cart buffet dinner.
They have a-la-cart menu as well if you aren't going for buffet.

Guess what are these?

Pour water onto the tablets and they will "grow" into........
My sis thought they were some mint tablets to kill bad breath after BBQ food.
We had seen this in other restaurants, so we knew what they were.
Shouldn't had stop her from popping one into her mouth.
Imagine the tablet expand inside her mouth in contact with saliva,
I think I'll laugh till my head row off my neck waahaahaahaa.....

Fresh cabbage and lettuce is a must for Korean BBQ. 
They served green chilli and garlic slices too.
As you can see at the right corner, they serve one bottle of tea and a bottle of plain water.

We were delighted at one table full of  side dishes ~
fried ikan bilis, cold tofu, seaweed soup, kimchi, spinach, bean sprouts etc...
Every thing was yummy except for the seaweed soup which was weirdly sour in taste.

Korean rice wine which they were having promotion - 2 bottles for $15.
It taste like milk with alcohol, something new to me.

Beef -rib soup which was included in the buffet.
We had bim bim bap and noodle soup too, but was too busy eating to take pics.

Pork Belly and pork collar on the grill.
We had chicken, beef and prawns too, no time to photo them, putting them into our mouths was more important.

Enjoying every bite.

The greens wasn't enough, we ordered more.
BQQ was less sinful with these, heehee.....

No pics of me, I dashed out of the house shabbily, cos' was running out of time after doing nails for my sis.
Here's her paws holding the korean wine bottle.

Total damage after being full to the brim for 3 pax ~

Overall the food was not bad, side dishes were great, greens were crispy, BBQ items were fresh, plain water and tea in 2 pits, wet tissues was "misleading" and fun.
Just that asking for top-ups can be quite difficult as they were short of serving staffs.
Have to wave our hands for a long time before we could catch their attention.

Hubby bought 7 "mint tablets" for S$2.
Gonna find an opportunity to trick somebody else, heehee......

Here's the address if interested to try ~~

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  1. Nice review! :)

  2. ju shin jung was the first korean bbq i've ever went to. and it's also the most expensive and most not worth it one.
    but the rice wine was good, i actually bought more back home. rofl!

    1. Hi MollyMia,

      Thank you for popping by! Ju Shin Jung was one of those first Korean BBQ restaurant opened in Singapore. I had been to other more economical ones, which were very localised in taste and the meat came in thin strips. Ju Shin Jung is very authentic though it may not be the best.

  3. Hello!!! Can i just ask if they sell wagyu beef on their ala-carte menu?

    1. Hi Scott Hendroff,
      From what I remember, yes they do, but I can't remember the price.