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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Chicken Up

Date of visit: 24.02.2017

For those who loves Korean food, Chicken Up is no stranger.  Since 2010, this family-friendly korean restaurant is love by many of us for it's diverse choices of food, drinks, not forgetting desserts *wipes saliva* =P~~~

So here we were at the new outlet in Centre Point.
You have to walk right into the new wing to locate it.

Let's dig in!

Bulgogi Fries S$18.00
Golden crispy fries piled with a generous load of sliced beef!  Plus onions and a bit of coriander, and drizzled with creamy garlic sauce.  Who says fries can only go with chilli or tomato sauce!   Gimme that entire basket of Bulgogi Fries!  Yummy calories!

Snow Squid Topokki S$35.10 good for 2pax.
This is an exciting platter, as good as a mini buffet!  Though it's recommended for 2 pax, it can be shared with 3 to 4 pax so that you can order other dishes.

The kimchi fried rice, kimchi and cheese corn could be eaten right away, while the spicy sauce with fish cake and rice cake took a min or 2 to heat up.  The steam egg took about 3 to 5 mins to cook.  Just as we were staring at the huge deep fried breaded squid helplessly, the service crew came to cut it up for us, heeheehee....

Then I had lots of fun dipping into cheese sauce and the spicy sauce alternately.

Ugly Tang (Army Stew)
Ugly Tang is actually Chicken Up's version of korean army stew.  Weird name, it's not ugly at all.  Other than the usual ingredients like ham, sausage, lucheon meat, kimchi and noodles, Ugly Tang has got pork belly, cheese and macaroni!!

I love the macaroni while my other girlfriends were crazy over the korean noodles.  So much so that we had to order an extra serving of it lolxx....
Photo credit: Mia Foo
Ugly Tang set meals from S$39.60.

BerryLove SojuRita S$20.00
Shared this with my girlfriends to avoid getting drunk.  It's grapefruit, we all love it so much.  Had to control and refrain myself from finishing the entire glass, it was such an agony lolxx...

Light Bulb Smoothies S$6.00 each
 From left: Mango, Strawberry Banana, Matcha Latte.
Lovely pastel color smoothies in light bulbs which we enjoyed every drop of it.

Mini Watermelon Bingsu S$18.00
Photo credit: Michelle
Frozen milk is very very finely mushed, topped with cute watermelon balls, red beans and crowned with vanilla ice-cream.  This visually appealing korean dessert satisfied all sweet cravings!

Now here's another good reason to visit Chicken Up!

Complimentary 4pcs Soya Chicken Wings Vouchers
1-for-1 Bingsu Vouchers

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Chicken Up Branches:
Tampines, Jurong East, Parkway Parade, Orchard, Buangkok, Tanjong Pagar, Star Vista
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  1. Done!! =D That platter soooooo tempting!!!


    1. I had posted out the vouchers, do keep a lookout, thank you!

  2. Liked! Hope can try their bingsu! :)


    1. I had send you a email requesting for your mailing address. Await for your reply, thank you!

  3. Liked!


    1. I had send you a email requesting for your mailing address. Await for your reply, thank you!

  4. Is the voucher still available?

    Kindly send to fzxt1987@outlook.com


    1. Sorry, the vouchers aren't available already. Thank you for the interest.