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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hand Chemistry


We are living in a era of plastic surgeries and botox where a lot of people can look incredibly young nowadays.  But those pair of hands can betrayed faces, revealing signs of aging.

We uses our hands every day and they are expose to all sorts of threats.

You may be a office lady, who types and do endless filing; with hands wrinkled like dried prunes under the aircon environment.

You may be a home maker; no matter how gentle those detergents claims to be, your hands feel like sand paper.

You probably love doing manicure, but always gets moody looking at your hands with dark skin tone and full of fine to deep rings of lines.  No color or nail art seemed to go with them.
Retail price S$35.00

Hand Chemistry is a concentrated hand cream with active complex which targets 8 signs of hand aging simultaneously.

The rich white cream spread out easily with a citrus fragrance.  Surprisingly, it's not sticky at all, skin feels satin smooth after application.

I used Hand Chemistry every night before bed time since 25 Jun, and here's the result on 8 Jul.
 Less wrinkly, obviously not so dry and slightly fairer ^.^

Here's another close up pic.
 I scrubbed the toilet, banged myself and left a little black scar on my finger.  Applying Hand Chemistry religiously lighten the black mark quite a lot!

Satisfied with the visible results in just less than 15 days, Hand Chemistry is now part of my beauty regime.
纤纤玉手 beautiful hands is in this tube of Hand Chemistry.

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