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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Vanity Trove - a beauty box that brightens my day!


My little box of happiness with beauty items picked by myself.

Fruity Lite Slimming Tea 2 packs
Lovely team of Vanity Trove include these in my box, they must know I love it!  Read my review HERE.

Heliocare SPF50 Gel 5ml
Heliocare from Spain, is a pioneer brand for UV protection.  I have been taking Heliocare oral capsule for a couple of years.  Yes, they have oral sunblock  :P~~  Now I can apply Heliocare gel, double protection against harmful UV rays!

SOL BB Cream 5ml
It's made in Korea, have yet to try, but will definitely need it as my current BB/CC are finishing soon.

Gatsby Acne Care Facial Foam 50g
Darren and King Luis's favourite cleanser!  I use it once in a while when my face gets extremely oily.  I had gotten my first tube from Vanity Trove too, the post is HERE with my kids review!

Elizabeth Arden Untold 1.5ml
I brought it with me during my Bangkok trip.  The fresh fruity fragrance was very wearable and I was very comfortable with it.  Makes me feels great even in casual outfits!

 Kilo Off Slimming Tea 2 tea bags

The tea bags can be prepared in cold or hot water.
Yet to try, cos' my tummy hasn't been feeling well for the entire week -__-

L'oreal White Perfect Laser 5ml
A anti-spot brightening essence to be use before moisturiser.  Lotion texture is light with mild fragrance.

Jane Iredale Beauty Kit in pretty pink mash straw-string bag consist of -
PurePressed Base SPF 20 sample size
LipDrink SPF 15 miniature
Forever Pink lip gloss miniature
Glow Time Mineral BB Cream SPF 25 2ml
Reviews on the lip glosses HERE!

Besides self pick troves at S$25, there are special troves too.

Click in www.vanitytrove.com/sg and the beauty box of happiness will be delivered to your doorstep ^^

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