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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Iskina Cebu - Philippines Lechon

Date of visit: 26.04.2014

Despite of many filipinos working and living in Singapore, my knowledge about the country is very limited. Food brings human closer than lanuages, maybe, heehee..... we discovered a real Philippine food at Geylang East.......

Iskina Cebu is tacked at the rear corner of a industrial park coffee shop.
It was a Saturday when we visited.  All other stalls were closed except Iskina Cebu and the drink seller.

A roast pig fresh from the charcoal pit.

As you can see, the coffee shop was a bit run down, but it didn't matter..

Slices of roasted pork belly, behind was a strong fellow chopping the meat up on a enormous wooden chop board, making really loud bangs lolxx....

Hubby and I ordered roast chicken leg and lechon (roast pork) with rice to share, cos' it's whopping S$11.50.
Food it's served on brown wax paper with a rattan basket beneath.  Kinda clever, no need to wash plates, heehee.....  Notice the ice lemon at the right hand corner?  It's cold and concentrated, really nice, it's S$1.20 or S$1.50 can't remember.

Only chilli padi and dark soya sauce were available as condiments. 

Their roast chicken wasn't that appealing in appearance with uneven browns on the skin.  But the meat was tender and juicy.   The lechon (roast pork) was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!
The taste is different from our chinese roast pork.  Chinese roast pork belly meat in big slabs with some marinating.  Philippine style roast them in slices, and if my taste buds are not wrong, not much seasoning is added.  We could dipped the lechon in dark soya sauce but can't do the same to chinese roast pork.

Skin so crispy you could hear the next table chewing, meat was sooooooo..... tender.  The taste is so primitive, so simple, but it's something so rare.

I really hate myself for not discovering this place earlier!  This place is just a few minutes drive from my house and yet I never know about it till recently, urrrgg......

We were the only chinese there.  After snapping this photo, those few tables in front were occupied.

So good, that we ordered more, but the queue like hell, cos' the stall run out of rice -__-
We decided to go without rice, ordered just the lechon at S$5.00.
Yes, we ate it without rice, not "jia let" at all!  No fattening or oily feel, so ridiculously delicious, that I am willing to get fat without regrets.

But chances of me visiting the coffee shop is very slim.  Cos' I have got this brilliant idea of getting my hubby to "ta bao", and have these lechon to go with beer at home!  It's not really nice for a lady to sit in a coffee shop and drink beer leh, in my opinion.   Hubby also cannot drink outside, need to drive...  So, "ta bao" is the best option!  At home I can eat with my hands, lick my fingers and drink like a cave woman without any dinning etiquette sia, heeheehee..... 想到都爽, waahaaahaaa......

Although this place is easily missed, as it doesn't have an attractive sign board or something, it's actually just a stone throw away from Paya Lebar MRT Station (exit C).

Iskina Cebu
Blk 1016 Geylang East Ave 3
Singapore 389731
Open:  Tues - Sun 12pm to 9.30pm

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