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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Itacho Sushi at Changi Airport

Date of visit:  12.01.2014

Changi Airport was "flooded" with Spongebob characters.

So cute, I was screaming inside.

I love Changi Airport, it's clean, it's cold, lots of food, lots of shopping and very cute!

Went to Changi Airport for dinner with a purpose.
They were having this promotion:

Previously we happily brought our receipt to redeem the soft toy after dining at Crown Plaza's Azur.  Then the counter lady said Crown Plaza is not one of the participant for Spongebob promotion T_____T  I was so disappointed that time.  Hubby called me childish, so sad but oh well.....  Little did I expect, he bought me back to Changi Airport a couple of weeks later.  This is the way he dote on me, sweet on me and spoil me rotten, all these years....

This time we made doubly sure that Spongebob plush toy can be redeem with Itacho Sushi's receipt.

Tamago S$2.00/2pcs and Salmon Sushi S$0.80/2pcs
As you can see, egg and salmon is bigger in portion compared to those in other restaurants, generally.

Roast Fatty Salmon Sushi S$3.40/2pcs
Salmon was torched to semi cooked, bursting with sweet juice oozed out from the salmon with a bite.

Eel Sushi S$6.80
Fresh eel coated with sweet sauce, extremely long, looked good enough for Hot Wheels to ride over, heehee.....

Curry Roasted Chicken S$11.50
King Luis's, he love it as the chicken was roasted instead of deep fried, he finished everything without feeling over bearing.

Cha Soba S$8.40

Dried Fried Chicken Mini Udon S$4.90

Fried Softshell Crab S$7.00

Butter & Pepper Clam S$4.00

Ordered this Tanba Set S$30.50
Following are the close up pics
Mini Rice with curry lobster, lobster salad shrimp and egg.
So yummy but finished within 2 scoops, bigger portion can or not >.<

Sushi platter consist of - 
salmon and sea bass sashimi, creative rice rolls avocado & soft shell crab, mango & lobster.

Crab meat salad.
But the cucumber shreds more than crab meat shreds.

Assorted Tempura.

Chawanmushi with veg/mushroom toppings.

Milk Pudding.
Can anybody tell me why are Japanese puddings always so delicious?  It's milky rich and bo-ing bo-ing yet soft.

It was a satisfying and enjoyable dinner with my boys.

Total bill for our family of 4 was S$93.30, more than enough to redeem my soft toy.

Wish fulfilled, meet my pink Patrick with poke-able belly button, heeheeehee.....

Before I forget, the address:

Itacho Sushi Changi Airport
Terminal 3-S1
Tel: 6241 8911

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