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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Depend GelLack

Date: 17.04.2015

Every time when I was approached by a brand, they will always request to have a briefing session a day before the actual event.   I would tell them not to worry, I will arrived earlier before the event starts to take a look at the products and I am confident that I can tackle and handle all sorts of gel and polish within minutes.

With my 8 years of experience in nail industry, I don't just paint blindly.

So, here I was, my first visit at Watsons' office after being a loyal customer for so long.

Within a few minutes, I could handle the brand at ease.

Not much photos were taken as I was busy non-stop doing express manicure for the Watsons ladies.
They were all so excited and happy with the manicure treat!

I am really happy to contribute to this successful event.

GelLack targets ladies who prefers to DIY their nails with gel.  They have a small range of safe colors, portable LED lamp, base and top coats etc.

These are some of the designs I had done using their colors.

How's the quality like?  Well, there's always a difference between DIY and professional products.  Is like, it's different when you DIY dye your hair at home compare to a dye done at a hair salon.

No matter what, gel beats traditional lacquer polishes which takes forever to dry which then chips after a few days.  GelLack, is completely dry once it's done, higher gloss finish and more lasting, very much better than wet lacquers which belongs to grandmother era.

Instead of acetone, warm water and their in-house removal oil is used for removing.  I am not very sure if hot showers, hot spring baths will weaken the durability.

Here's 3 sets of nail designs done by me using GelLack for their web-poster.

DIY nails or nail salon?  That depends on your life style and individual preferences ^.^

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