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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tulipmania - Gardens By The Bay

Date of visit: 25.04.2015

My first visit to Gardens By The Bay was a few years back.  Time really flies.
Click HERE and HERE for my previous visits.

Gotten complimentary tickets from my 小姑 since February.

We finally made it in time for Tulipmania which starts from 20 March to 10 May 2015.

Allow me to spam my selfies, so that you know how the owner of this blog looks like.  Sometimes I came across nice blogs, really well written and beautiful pictures, then I scroll all over and can't find a single pic of the blog owner.  I am like.... aiyo, who's the person behind all the work?  Readers want to know you better also no chance sia.  So, this is me, very ordinary, but it's me, truly.
If you had clicked into my previous posts, you know how much fatter I looked now >.<
The excuse would be I started a new job half a year ago, I sort of stress myself up and started eating, a lot, sigh.... I am trying to shed off now....

Okie, enough of my rubbish... Let's get the photos rolling in..
 Same old SuperTree at the entrance.

I was in a such a good mood that I would start to make duck squeaks and hysterical laughs without any warning before hand.   5 off days from work, better than strike lottery sia lolxx...

 Fun started even before entering Flower Dome.  My newly bought outdated and discount Fuji camera is awesome (to me)!

It was indeed a relieve that we need not go through the snake queue for the tickets.  Same old entrance of Flower Dome, it didn't change a bit.

As expected, it was really crowded, but there were still enough space for comfortable strolls.

These white orchids were PALM SIZE.
Huge flowers always blow my mind.

Tulips may be the high-light, but many other flowers aren't any inferior when it comes to beauty.

Colors so brilliant that they look fake lolxx..

Amazing Garden Fuchsia...

Looks like dancing ballerinas aren't they!

Act pro.

Surprised to see fruit trees!

蛇形刁手 snake fist.

The crowd.

Pano view

Interesting carves...

Even granny was being captivated, she was having an awesome time taking pictures.

Pretty little purple bells...

Too beautiful, like synthetic flowers but they are REAL!

Giant roses, I was going crazy with these beautiful flowers and the fragrance was very intense.

Palm size don't know what pink flowers with wormy petals.

We finally made it to the center area of Flower Dome where the tulips were displayed.

Over bloomed Affaire tulip.
 Never know tulips looks like this when open up!

Cilesta tulip.

Yellow Flight tulip.

Evita tulip.

Mirror pic with a photo bomb >.<

Grand Perfection tulip.

Pako tulip.

Taking photos captures beauty, painting express beauty.

Never know a zoom lens camera can bring me so much fun and joy!

Flaming Flag tulip

More bloomed Flaming Flag.

Freaking cute and real looking ostrich size swan lolxx..

Cinderella's carriage, visitors included >.<

Cape Town tulip.

Disney Princesses and a Prince.  I can't never outgrow fairy tale fantasy.

Blooms ridiculously colorful and brilliant.

We walked up to see cactus.
Just kidding!  We took the lift besides it lolxx..

Golden Rat Tail Cactus.
Looked a bit disgusting but amusing at the same time, heehee...

It started to rain heavily and the temperature in Flower Dome dipped down further.  Hubby was freezing, but serve him right, I warned him already but he acted hero, didn't want to bring sweater or jacket.

Amazing cactus that looks like roses with metalic petals.

Mess with me, I'll throw you into the plot of poke poke pines behind me lolxx...

Do you see what I saw?  Waaahaaahaaa....

Cactus looks cuter when they are spike-less, same as human.

Poor cactus being poked by fingernails when they did not offend anybody :((
I really don't understand what's wrong with these people....

Should implement heavy fine for these inconsiderate people, seriously.

Pretty right?  I melt a thousand times.....

After Flower Dome, we went Cloud Forest, Sun Pavilion, part of Children's Garden, Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes and Supertree Grove, spending the entire afternoon from around 12pm to 6pm, phew...
Had lot of photos taken, maybe I'll put them in a separate post, see how.... too much photos to edit.

We had dinner at Satay By The Bay which was costly and not too impressive >.<

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos ;)

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