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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bistro 1855

Date: 30.01 & 19.03.2015

Discovered one of the most affordable buffet in town!

Bistro 1855 is right in front when you exit from Promenade MRT. 

Salad Bar Buffet during lunch time (11am - 3pm) is only S$12.90++!!  Top up S$5 for a main course if you feels greedy.

I was here twice and there were a few different items available.

The Salad Bar.


Missed out the soup pot at the left hand corner, there's bread and tortilla chips.

The salad buffet includes ice-cream too!
Those little bowls were filled with ice-cream toppings such as rainbow rice, crushed peanut etc..

Bring you to our table now..

Pumpkin soup, love it.

Clam chowder, sprinkled bacon bits from the salad bar.

Beet root gave me fond memories of Greece.  I ate them almost everyday during my visit.
Apparently beet root is rich in Vitamin C and iron.  However it's not a common veg here.  We can't find beet root in hawker centres or food court, only at certain western cafes and restaurants.

King Luis's plate.
 Can somebody tell me how to coax your kid to eat greens? -__-

I like baby spinach as a base.

The main courses which we had tried:

Hamburger Steak, yummy, we had this on both visits.

Teriyaki Chicken with rice.

Pork chop with mushroom sauce.

The above main courses came in good portion which was filling enough even without the salad.

Free flow ice-cream :P~~

Great food, affordable prices, conveniently located in Suntec City, yet no queue.
 Probably nobody knows this wine bar offers healthy salad buffet in the afternoon.

So now, you know where to enjoy a decent lunch without having to fight with crowd!

Bistro 1855
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall Tower 3
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6836 5994

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