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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Skin Illuminating Cleansing Oil - COAST To COAST


After a long day outside, reached home, toss shoes and bag away...

Skin care begins with removing make-up....

When removing make-up is like a spa treatment.....

Feeling totally relax as the fingers works in circular motion...
Breathing in the aromatic fragrance from the oil....

With a few splashes of water, not a trace of makeup or grease is left....

Face is thoroughly clean, luminous and glowing!

I am in LOVE with it!

Beautiful and healthy skin reveals, each time I cleanse my face with
Made in Australia, this beauty cum makeup removal oil is enriched with natural ingredients:
* Rose
* Australian Sandalwood
* Orange
* Peru Balsam.

Skin Illuminating Cleansing Oil not only remove makeup and impurities effectively, it also dissolves sluggish skin cells!

I had used cleansing oil from many big brands which are more expensive.

Most of them works well but I have to say, Skin Illuminating Cleansing Oil is my FAVORITE!  The texture is less watery which makes massaging very shiok and that relaxing aroma fragrance is a really pampering!  Most importantly, the texture of my skin is improving each time I use this product.  It's getting more and more glowy, more and more luminous!

Highly recommended if your skin is dull and dehydrated due to late night sleeps or hectic life style.
Skin Illuminating Cleansing Oil works like magic on my skin, hope it works for you too!

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