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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Springleaf Prata Place

Date of visit: 04.01.2015

I couldn't remember where I read about this prata eatery, we decided to hunt it down since it's at the east.

Pacing up and down the main road, we got lost and called them up for directions >.<

Springleaf Prata Place is hidden within detached houses.
Parking space was extremely limited, we were lucky that somebody already had their fills and drove off, at the right time.

Simple and crowded, it's aircon like a busy food court.
The cashier was just at the entrance where we place our orders and pay.  The queue took about 20mins -____-|||
The lady in pretty pink dress at the left hand side of this pic was an ang mo.  I mean, I was quite surprised, ang mo knows how to eat Indian prata wor.

We were prepared as this note was plastered all over the walls every meter apart lolxx..
Since it was already a few months since we visited, I hope they have more man power now.

We had Teh Terik S$1.20 and Teh Terik Ice S$1.50.

Mee Goreng S$3.20
Messy plate of spicy fried noodles but really yummy with healthy ingredients including green veg, cabbage, tofu and ikan bilis.

Plain prata S$1.10 and Curry Mutton S$4.00
The prata was great!  That explains what's the crowd about!  Crispy yet soft, it tore apart with many thin layers within.  Curry mutton was rich in flavour with tender meat which we wished the portion could be slightly more.

Now, the purpose of the visit was for this...
Plaster Blaster S$5.00
A cute name was given to this plain prata topped with 2 slices of ham and a egg ben.  It looked fantastic on the camera.

Needless to say, the prata itself was good, the ham was cold right from the fridge which was a major spoiler.
No doubt the combination is very innovative and other people were raving about it like crazy, personally, I couldn't accept it too well.  I dipped my prata into the runny egg yolk, it's just weird.  Both tasted good on it's own but not so when combine together.

I consider myself quite an "adventurous" person where food is concern, but for this time I still prefer traditional prata.

Nevertheless, it was great fun driving down unfamiliar roads looking for new food.  It's thrilling and sometimes full of surprises.  We enjoyed the process of food hunt.  We continued with serious "discussion" or "debate" over the dining experience on our way home.  Food make our love grow, heehee..... and at the same time expanding our waistlines >.<

On our way home, the sky was beautiful, perhaps taken from granted by many people.
A small kite accompanied by a bigger one was surfing in the wind.  There was another giant one, probably 2 or 3 metres in length making it's way up.  Burped, and I still could smell curry mutton ^.^

Springleaf Prata Place
57B Jalan Tua Kong
Singapore 457253
Tel: 8893 5393

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