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Monday, 6 April 2015

VeganBurg at Jalan Eunos

Date of visit: 06.12.2015

My impression of vegetarian food is nothing more than economical vegetarian bee hoon at coffee shops or food courts, which I don't mind eating once in a blue blue moon.

Vegetarian is comparatively boring when I have so many tempting choices all around.  Vegan dishes from what I think is less tasty without meat.  Imagine, just greens, fungus and soya bean, what else can be created out of these limited ingredients??

 My first visit to VeganBurg made me realize how stupid I had been to presume.

We had drove pass VeganBurg along Jalan Eunos several times but never thought of visiting until my kid sis was having vegetarian diet for a period of time.
So we had to accommodate her and we finally made a stop here for the first time.

It was very much like a fast food restaurant selling ordinary burgers.  Order and pay at the counter.

Some items could be collected immediately at the counter while some needed a little bit of time, so a buzzer was given.

The interior was really cute, all green and woody, it's like walking into a courtyard.
I was wearing shorts that day and the carpet grass on the bench was pricky big time on my thighs lolxx...

I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was taking it as a pity-ful meatless healthy meal, get done with it once and for all.

The meal came in a army mess tin.

Smoky BBQ + Broccoli + drink S$11.80

Wasabi Burger + Fries + Drink S$11.80

Very very surprise, the above vegan burgers tasted like REAL BURGERS!  The soy patties were flavorful just like meat patties we used to have, and the great thing was, the patties were literally oil-less!  Together with fluffy wheat buns, the taste was near perfect for my taste buds.  Very soon, I totally forgotten that I was eating vegetarian.

Order some sides that came with paper tubs and tooth picks.

Spinach Pops S$3.90
Although called Spinach Pops, the balls were 80% mashed potato balls with some spinach.  I am not a big fan of potatoes but these were not bad.  Crispy on the outside, smothering soft inside.

Vegan Franks S$3.90
This tofu thingy was freaking yummy!  Never know tofu can taste almost like a real hot dog. I said "almost", cos the real hot dog is more bouncy to bite into, this were soft tofu.  Still fascinating to us, we ordered another serving.   If not for the expensive price, we really would like to order a few more.

This was my first try on vegetarian burgers, not able to compare it with others.  All I can say, the meal did not disappoint and we had a great time.  The pricky "grass" didn't bother too much but I'll wear something longer to cover on the next visit, heehee...

44 Jalan Eunos
Singapore 419502
Tel: 6844 6868

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