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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Garage Sale for Inspiring Stars + EZBBQ mini buffet

Date: 09-05-2015

My kid younger sis, Ada and her family moved in Oakwood just a couple of months ago.  And up till now her family haven't fully settle down lolxx...

Still really busy with the odds and ends, touching up here and there, she was informed that there would be a Garage Sale in the neighbourhood.

What came straight into her mind was to make this Garage Sale a fund raising event for Inspiring Stars.

Ada Wong, this compassionate sis of mine, is the founder for Inspiring Stars since 2007.  This is a non-profit charity interest group, beneficiaries are Ta Sne and Ampil Pean Primary Schools in Siem Reap.
Here, my sis, carrying a Cambodian school girl who benefited from Inspiring Stars.  A lot of people says we look alike, what you guys think?  Heehee....

It all started with a conversation with a friend where she learnt a bit about Cambodia.  Ever since her first trip to the villages and schools, she was determined to embark a long term journey to better the lives of the children and people in Siem Reap.
Lovely children at Kampong Plouk
Her heart went out to the children who doesn't have enough to wear and often bare footed.

Villagers of Kampong Plouk
Subsequently, funds were gathered among friends and friends's friends.  Some became volunteers making trips to Cambodia periodically together with Ada every year.

This was how little Inspiring Stars was found, for people who are compassionate, for people who wanted to help, not for publicity, not for fame.
Ada with the students in the classroom.

So, for this Garage Sale, my whole family was mobilized, woke up at 7.30am and flew over to help.  Believe it or not, I was told that people started to walk in at 7.00am!  Where got people wake up so early on weekends one!!
Unglam but still happy!

Love the crowd!

We were so busy and really owe EZBBQ food cater a Big Thank You for sending us a mini buffet for lunch.

Yes!  Besides provided BBQ items, they also cater cooked food too.  Check out my previous experience with them HERE.

The mini buffet was awesome for us and all friends who came to help.

Curry Chicken Wings and Potato
Not too spicy, just nice for all young and old.

Spring Roll
Crispy rolls of shredded veg.

Broccoli and Mushroom
 Some healthy serve.

Sambal squid
Squid can be easily over cooked, this is just nice and so tender to chew!

Stir fried Bee Hoon
No beansprouts, I like!!

Thoughtful EZBBQ had include tongs for the food, soup spoon for the curry and disposable cutlery and serviettes, super convenient!

Packet drinks were included too, in a foam box and ice cubes.

This spread of mini buffet tasted like home-cook, so comforting, totally satisfied!  Saved us from cooking or running out to buy, we could fully concentrate on making more sales and raise more funds.

Even my fussy little nephew enjoyed the buffet.
Karsten munching spring roll and running round the house.  You won't know how many snaps I took to get one right lolxx....

EZBBQ mini buffets caters for 10pax and above.  Absolutely great for small gatherings and parties.  If you are having a BBQ party, you can order BBQ items from them as well as mini buffet as an add on.  It's reasonably priced from $12 to $18 per pax.
Check out their menu HERE.

105 Sims Ave #10-04 Singapore 387429
Tel: 6392 8392
Email: Admin@EZBBQ.com.sg

THANK YOU EZBBQ for the good food which gave us the boost and energy we needed!

Towards 1pm, the shopping crowd started to subside.  Just when we were packing up, a man in office attire walked in.  He choose some stationery and toys.  Then walked towards our display of necklaces and bracelets.

He said to me "Give me all of these."
I looked at him, stunt and gave him a blur "Huh?'
"Er...., yes, I want to buy all," he smiled.

I happy until....  His kindness topped up another $30 to our fund raising!  Bless him!

I ached from head to toe by the end of the day can lolxx...
Selling was fun, the fund raising made all the effort worth it.

Inspiring Stars will be making a trip to Cambodia
from 13 to 16 Aug 2015.
I am in the team too!  Woot!
We will be bringing with us the fund raised from this Garage Sale and other donations.  Yes and also items like clothes and stationery.
We had 28 bags, 400kg of clothes, stationery and toiletries during a trip in 2014.

Inspiring Stars is small, unofficial to be specific, but EVERY CENT from kind donors goes to the beneficiaries.  Inspiring Stars DO NOT extract administrative charges and whatsoever.  Volunteers paid for their air fares, accommodation, food and transport for the trips to Cambodia.

Inspiring Stars will move on, with compassion, love, sincerity and kind support from everybody.
Ta Sne Primary School Siam Reap Cambodia

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