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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

23 Jumpin

Date of visit: 07.03.2015

Couldn't remember how I got to know this place.  Probably from Instagram or some young bloggers.

This little cafe is inside a industrial compound.  It's only a stone throw from Tai Seng MRT, but one won't walk in unless you work around the area.

Here's the shop front.  Obviously the cute scooter number 23 belongs to the owner of 23 Jumpin, but not sure if it's a dummy or can really move on the road one lolxx..
Although there was an "Open" sign board there, it's sort of "scary" to push open the opaque black glass door.   We really don't know what's behind the door.

What happen if we entered into a sleazy place where women sits on men's lap and feed them beer that kind?!?  What happen if we entered in when gangsters are having negotiation!!  Then we die sia.  Too much imagination influenced by movies liao hur hur......

We pushed open, it was a decent little cafe, phew.... ^.^
 This pic taken from their Facebook cos' I forgotten to snap a pic of the interior >.<

I looked damn chui that day, so only took a pic of my  Bruce Lee Tote Bag from Tee-Saurus with their interior.

No complains about the chairs but the tables with big gaps in between were making us a bit nervous.

Every time after we drank, we had to watch where we put our glasses.
Not only glasses, practically everything placed on the table risk toppling or dropped through the big gaps.  Can't afford the slightest risk, we left our phones in my Bruce Lee >.<

Oh, yes, we filled our glasses from here -
Lemon and cucumber mildly infused water.

Now, rolling in of food pics..
Matcha Latte S$4.50
Beautiful start, this was sooooooo photo worthy, tasted great too!  This gotten us excited and we were eagerly waiting for our dishes to come.

Eggs Benedict S$14.00
Eggs could be so pretty!  Everything on the plate was delicious.

One more.
I wiped every drop of the egg yolk on the plate with the bread and popped them in, yummy big time.

Pork Gouslash Stew S$12.00
Slightly sweet and slightly pepperish, this savory stew comes with very nice baguette.  Meat was tender and we enjoyed every bit of it.

We were quite filled up by the above but couldn't resist another order cos' we saw another table having it....

Charcoal Waffle with Ice Cream S$9.00
Charcoal Waffle with lots of toppings!  We had 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, chocolate egg rolls that children likes, marshmallows and sweetened fried banana slices.

We ate until damn full lolxx... Jump in into Jumpin, it's quite a pleasant place to chill ;)

23 Jumpin
#01-25 1 Irving Place
Singapore 369546

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