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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Spicy Roast Fish 各堂烤全鱼

Date of visit: 11.04.15

We made our way specially to The World Street Food Congress but it was a disappointment.  After paying 6-star prices for a few unsatisfying tiny plates of food, we walked over to Bugis Cube to fill ourselves up.

Located along the main road, the shop front was attractive.   各堂烤全鱼 in fiery flames font suggested a super spicy fish feast.

Slightly paranoid with gas stoves, this place uses electric stoves, phew...

Lychee Spicy Fish S$38.00
Whole fleshy sea bass in oily spicy soup topped with lychee served on a big square shallow metal plate.  Within were also a bit of cabbage, mushrooms and beansprouts.

We ordered top-ups -

Tofu S$2.40
Spinach S$2.00
Rice S$0.50/bowl

麻辣 Spicy soup was bubbling hot.  Each sip of the soup arouse blood onto lips, all red and swollen within a few minutes.  The numbing sensation was shiok like kissing.  The balls of sweet lychee "cools" down the mouth more effectively than any water lolxx...  Hubby was merrily perspiring under the aircon.

The layer of chilli oil is not too acceptable for many Singaporeans, it's not surprising that we were the only locals in the restaurant.

But if you are a fan of 麻辣香锅 Stir fried spicy pot, you will love this!

Spicy Roast Fish 各堂烤全鱼 
470 North Bridge Road #01-03 
Bugis Cube Singapore 188735 
Daily: 1130H to 2330H

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