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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tampines Eco Green

Date of visit: 08.03.2015

This place is abundant or semi-abundant since it's not a heritage garden like Botanic Garden or interest generating tourist attraction like Garden's The Bay.

But beauty grows when nature is left alone without man's interference.

Tampines Eco Green is opposite the more well kept Sun Plaza Park, between Tampines Ave 9 and Ave 12.

Scroll down and walk in with me.

Starting from here, scribbled sign board, some people just couldn't behave, I wonder why...

Woody letters that spells "Tampines Eco Green" on dried grass.
Our insane warm weather is really a killer.

Here's another pic with me in it, so you can tell the alphabets are adult size lolxx...

Fading map which did not show anything interesting.

That halloween feel with a fake crow on top of the direction sign boards, heehee...

Apparently we had disturbed a monitor lizard's bath time, it wriggled frantically into the bushes, by the time I switched on my phone's camera, it's out of sight.

So heated up by the strong sun, I am sure my head can cook scrambled eggs or sunny up.

Some project, stopped half way...

Another little pond with some fishes inside.

Some leaves browned into copper under the sun, some turned silver!

Yet, another pond.

Out of Singapore post-card scenery, love it.

Missed the monitor lizard but caught a garden lizard.

Back to the starting point, saw 2 lovey dowy.
Color didn't matter, love is all it takes, heehee....

I have this feel that Tampines Eco Green may be closed down for urban development in a matter of time, just like Tampines Mountain Bike Trail.  Won't be surprised, oh well.....

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