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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

NOM (no other meaning) - Bistro & Bakery

Date of visit: 22.03.2015

This cafe was introduced by my customer.  It's her friend's cafe, she got me curious and excited.
So, my old man, my little King Luis were here with me ^.^

It was a gloomy day.
Ample carpark just opposite this Macperhson Community Club which looks like a building built out of  lego.   And there's NOM at the ground floor, you won't miss it.

It's quite crowded, managed to snap a pic of  before the table was occupied.
 Mini version of Toa Payoh Dragon slide was really cute.

The furnishes were mostly white, with a lime green counter.

Crew was friendly and service was fast.

Chicken Skin S$5.90
Should had ordered beer to go with this.  Very crispy but would be better if lesser flour was coated, the fire burning chilli was addictive, we requested more to fill up the little tub for easy dipping.

Beer Batter Fish N Chips S$14.90
Not the best I had eaten, I preferred slightly bitter batter with extreme short crisp.  This was just crispy and passed well like ordinary fish & chips.  Taste was pretty decent though and the whole plate was wiped out.

Slow Roast Bird Leg S$14.90
It's roast chicken leg with cranberry sauce and a enormous ball of mashed potato beneath.   Chicken was nicely roasted, juicy and tender, cranberry sauce was a better partner with mash potato than the chicken, heehee...

Ultimate NOM Burger S$14.90
King Luis love this.  He was very busy munching into this, when asked him nice or not, he just nodded while concentrating eating, didn't even lift up his head to look at me for a second lor, lolxx... Only managed to steal a bite of the thick juicy beef patty, yums.

Rainbow Cheesecake S$7.90
Rainbow cakes seemed a "must order" at NOM.  Decide to have the cheesecake version instead of sponge cake.  I had made the correct choice, it's damn delicious!  I suppose I love cheesecakes more than sponge cakes ;P

Overall, dining experience was very pleasant, quite a nice place for families and friends.

NOM (no other meaning) - Bistro & Bakery
400 Paya Lebar Way
Macpherson Community Centre
Singapore 379131

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