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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Owl Cafe + BlackBall at Star Vista

Date of visit: 22.09.2013

This post is actually a continuation from my Labrador Nature Reserve trail HERE.

Walked till hungry, drove to Star Vista shopping mall or rather a food mall.  Damn "mountain tortoise" I didn't even know this mall exist lolxx...
Was spoiled with choices with floors and floors of eateries and restaurants.

It was lunch time on a Sunday but only a few tables were occupied in Owl Cafe.  Took the "gamble" and walked in, cos' I want to try something new and not any of those familiar food chains.

They have outdoor seats but I suppose will only be comfortable to sit in for dinner.  Our weather here cannot make it >.<

Love the embossed cartoon flowers wall facade design which extend all the way to the part of the ceiling.

Ice Lemon Tea S$2.90

Seafood Spaghetti S$10.80
Loads of veg and seafood was blanket beneath the melted cheese.

Instead of the usual tomato pasta sauce, it's in unique spicy sauce and it's highly addictive!  Spaghetti so springy that I wished I could stomach in another serving.
Insane YUMMY!!

The portion was generous, but we wiped it all out!

6pcs Tea Platter S$8.80
The platter consist of the mini grill chicken burger, tiramisu, coffee puff and chocolate cake.   2 durian mousse were served cos' they run out of another item, but we were thankful for the that!

The durian mousse was sooooooooo...... GOOD!!  So smooth, so creamy, so duuuuuurain, ma ma mia!

Here's our bill, with address printed.

Don't understand why was this little cafe under appreciated while some food outlets can have branch after branch open at every single shopping mall for serving average food.


Didn't order much at Owl Cafe cos' I need to walked to Blackball which was one or 2 shops away.  There were so many raves, so just have to try....

Here's the bill with address printed on (so I can type lesser ;)

It's a dessert kiosk with less than 10 stools.  Attractive big poster panel on wall with local artist introducing their desserts.

Blackball Signature Icy S$5.40
Big bowl of dessert full of colors.

Add in milk, looking really good....
Grass jelly was wobbly soft, bubble pearls were really nice to chew on.   I had eaten grass jelly and bubble pearls else where of course, but these were more superior and exciting in terms of taste and texture.  Nay to the chewy but relatively bland gluten balls, I rather they use steamed yam, tapioca and sweet potatoes like those in bobo chacha.  Overall, it's worth trying, pricing is reasonable too.

It's awful that Star Vista is so far away from my home at Tampines T____T  How can I stop at just 2 eating spots sia?!!  Need to go back to "explore" other restaurants leh.

But then, I don't see a chance this year, cos' I am getting really busy.  Busy with nails for ladies who wanted to doll up for weddings and year end dinners.  Coping with allergy reactions caused by the chemicals on my hand really stressed me up.  But that's my rice bowl which I can't break since blogging is still like a dip sauce only.

Had been cutting down on blogging events else I'll die of fatigue.  Like other mothers, am packing away my kids' old textbooks, wrapping up their new text books; oh yes King Luis going to Sec One next year leh, so I got a lot to do.

Meanwhile I am washing and sun-ing my entire family's winter wear (it's more than 100pcs of tops, bottoms and jackets leh).  But it keeps raining these few days giving my laundry a hard time :/  Don't foresee myself relaxing till after Chinese New Year.

Will still be updating this space frequently, please continue to visit and support my blog ok?  Thank you!

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