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Friday, 8 November 2013

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe


Was invited to The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe at Siloso Beach, Sentosa on 26 Oct 2013.

Pink Cap - Hikosen Cara (Vietnam)
See-through top - LemonTea (WhiteSands)
Pink sports bra - Singapore Expo
Pink Shorts - F.O.S. (Genting)
Tote Bag - Naraya (Bangkok)

A big hat sure made my face looked smaller and those frizzy hair were hidden also lolxx....

Scorching hot Saturday afternoon it was.  Runners of  "theRace The Dead" event were seen all over Siloso Beach.
Photo credit FOX Movies Premium

Here's The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

So we had ours!
Tasted like ribena.

"Eye balls" made of lychee ^^

Weather so warm that zombies walked in to get theirs too!
Photo credit FOX Movies Premium

Check out their main menu!  Eeeeeeks!!

Bloody Eye Shots with Maggots
It's half boiled egg with chocolate cereal as "maggots" lolxx...

Rotting Flesh Tacos.
Fish chunks as "rotting flesh" :P

Victim13 Cupcakes
Photo credit FOX Movies Premium

These chocolate cupcakes were AWESOME!!  Yummy!

Over 5,000 survivors of  "theRace The Dead" event refilling their energy at The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe.
Photo credit FOX Movies Premium

Zombie from television show The Walking Dead LIVE at Siloso Beach!
But I guess the weather was too much for him to bear lolxx...

This one, however, was not affected by the weather.
He was running after bikini girls!!!   Okie, just for laughs, he was actually running after me lolxx....

To all fans of the undead,
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