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Monday, 4 November 2013

Genting 3D2N (Day 2, part I) - KL shopping + Farms hopping


This post is a continuation from Day 1, read about it HERE.

Day 2 - 20 Oct 13
8.30am - Breakfast at World Club Lounge
9.30am - Set off to KL
10.30am - Shopping at 1Utama + Wi-fi hunt
2.00pm - Back to Genting
3.00pm - Happy Bee Farm & Insect World
4.00pm - Strawberry Farm + Lavender Garden + Mushroom Farm + Giant Cabbage Farm
7.30pm - Imperial Rama Food Tasting
10.00pm - Arcade gaming for King Luis
11.00pm - Bath and K.O

The Day 2, 我们是玩到........ 未认宅 (in hokkien meaning forsake own's home).
Pic taken from World Club Lounge while having breakfast.

Very cozy and relaxing lounge, allowing ample time for me to be fully awake.

Love it, but yummy pics will be posted in Part 3, patience, heehee.....
World Club Lounge

Silly boy smiling to himself.  Yes, he was having a great time ^^

Travelling down...

Excited about the shopping in KL!

Shopping at 1Utama!

Bought this Arale T-shirt for RM39, another 3pcs at RM35 each, then gotten 1 T-shirt FREE!! Heehee....
Shopping was fruitful with 2 wacoal bras (slightly cheaper) at Parkson.   Contact lens is half the price of what's selling in Singapore, I bought 6 boxes of daily disposables!

Luis and I had Wi-fi and these for lunch.


While the rest returned to Singapore, Luis and I headed back to Genting for full blast enjoyment!

First stop over at Happy Bee Farm & Insect World.

Entrance Fees stated at the ticket booth.

The first thing we saw were panels of bee hives breed by man.

Followed by specimen exhibits of different species of bees.

There were bees inside these little yellow "houses"

Phew!  They are toothless stingless!

It opened up with little bees flying in and out of it and there's actually honey in it!
We were given a little bit of honey to try, scoped out FRESH from the hive!  It's so sweet!!

There is a small butterfly enclosure with a few butterflies flying around.  Didn't manage to catch any good photos of them, so here are the caterpillars, heehee.....

Entering into Insect World behind the waterfall.

Trying to sit on the ladybird but failed.

Encounter with LIVE insects!

Apparently, those 2 are females.

Damn big, I know you can't tell it's size from this pic, it's size of  my palm.

Couldn't believe a worm can grow till so big!  The keeper/guide said that this wasn't the biggest in the jungle.  Faintz......
He was holding a specimen which he wanted to hand over to me.  Oh gosh, thanks but no thanks!  Those legs gave me creeps!!

The keeper/guide was holding a live one!  So scary, the thorn's deadly!

Ever seen a Leaf Frog?   It's my first time and it looked so unreal!

Lots of specimens of colorful butterflies.

Put some of them into slides for easy viewing ^^

Numbers Butterflies, what numbers do you see?

Never know moths can be as colorful as butterflies!

Amazing insects that looks like leaves!

Some humongous palm sized insects:
Ok, it's much bigger than my palm actually.  If I ever see a live one flying towards me, I think I'll die on the spot >.<

So freaking big and gross.  And I had learnt that not everything in pink is cute -___-

Some cute ones:

Isn't it great to be born shiny!!

Cockroaches may be more adorable if they are in turquoise color like these... lolxx..

Insects wearing human face masks seemed more "approachable" too, heehee....

The above pics are only part of the exhibits.  You will have to visit personally to see the rest!

A table of more insect specimen being processed.

Position of insects being fixed with numerous thumb tacks.  Preservatives had already been injected.

The trail ends with some honey products which you may purchase if interested.

Gained new knowledge and  an eye opening experience for both Luis and me!

Lot 6452, Genting View Resorts, KM 11-3,
69000 Genting Highlands, Pehang D.M. Malaysia
Tel: 603-6100 1001

Admission Fee: RM20 (adult), RM16 (child/senior citizen)


Strawberry Farm

Act cool King Luis with strawberry tram.

Tourist pic at entrance, heehee....

A passage way with strawberries plantations on both sides.

Admission is free but if you like to pluck some strawberries for the fun of it, price shown in pic.

Not exactly cheap, but decided not to be stingy, so we walked into the rows and rows of strawberry plots instead of looking at them over the wooden fence.

Chubby boy was very excited, we were pacing up and down, left and right looking for the best strawberries to gather!

My child's happiness is my greatest joy ^^

Our picks was RM15.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms Sdn. Bhd.
No.1, Lot 3707, Jalan Jati 2,
Bandar Gohtong Jaya,
69000 Genting Highlands
Pahang Darul Makmur. Malaysia
Tel: 603-6100 1121

Free Admission


Lavender Garden
It's just besides Strawberry Farm with big sign boards all over and you won't miss it.

Lovely garden about size of the basket ball court. Though not big, the beautiful sight soothes a tired mind and relax your soul.
Inhaling the lavender scent in air, my heart lightens!

Living in ever busy and fast pace city, we hardly had any chance to slow down our foot steps to appreciate beautiful things around us.

Roses are big and beautiful, but comes with plenty of thorns, so do be careful.
You can actually see the Strawberry Farm through the roses and thorns ;)

When boots are worn by plants!

A bed of pink carnations.

A sea of yellow flowers.

There's a little souvenir shop with cutesy dolls and some lavender toiletries. 

Drowning in hues of purples.

Admission Fee: RM3 (adult), RM1 (child)


Strawberry Farmhouse Cafe
Although it's called a cafe, it's a humble out-door eatery with some cute strawberry tables and stools.

The stall front wasn't impressive, but the food served did not disappoint!

Strawberry Juice with Honey RM10.90.
Cool thirst quenching, not too sweet, awesome blend with strawberries and honey!

 Strawberry Chicken Wings RM12
Oh gawd, I miss this so much!  Pipping hot crispy wings with strawberry sauce is really magical!  The strawberry sauce is sweet with a tinge of natural sourness.  Very much like tomato sauce but in strawberry flavour.  Very appetizing and goes surprisingly well with chicken wings.  MUST TRY!

Tempura Mushroom RM12 
Succulent mushroom coated with thin crisp of tempura giving each bite an exciting sensation.  Not sure how they do it, but it's only oily at all.  Crazy yummy, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Retail corner.

What's most interesting would be their instant beverages - Strawberry coffee, tea and chocolate.
I bought home Strawberry tea and chocolate =)

You definitely need to walk through Strawberry House with strawberry merchandise and souvenirs as it's the only way to the exit.

Outside Strawberry House was another row of shop houses.

Mushroom Farm is also one of the "must walk through in order to exit".
It's just a small stretch which took less than 5mins.

Upon exit were some mushrooms and really cheap organic vegetables on sale.  But with too much blog assignments in hand, I don't foresee myself cooking :/  So left without buying any, so sad :((

After the Mushroom Farm, there is a small little bearly noticeable entrance which leads to here.....

Super Duper Mega GIANT CABBAGES!!!
Just how they grow until so BIG sia??!!

But whether are they tasty or not is another story already lolxx....

So, if you are planning to visit Strawberry Farm, just swing over to Lavender Farm + Mushroom Farm + Giant Cabbage "platforms".

Farms hopping took about 3hrs.  With so much to see and explore, it was a bit rush, cos' we tried to squeeze in a temple visit.  But have to skip it eventually as the sky turned foul.

Here's a map for above mentioned the attractions.
Map from www.myhappybeefarm.com

Dinner was fine dinning at Imperial Rama which I will review separately.  Thank you guys for reading and hoped you all like this post ^^

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