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Monday, 11 November 2013

Angel's Secret Hair Iron


SS Electronics send me a new toy for my hair - Angel's Secret Hair Iron ^^

Opened up with a instruction & care leaflet and a disc.
Product specifications:
Voltage - 220V
Power - 250W
Plug Type - 2 pin
Cord length - 2.5m
Plate: titanium
Warranty: 6 months with invoice

The disc contain various hair styles created using Angel's Secret Hair Iron.

I am sure you are curious about this hair iron after watching this video!
It got me very excited too!

Easy operation, middle is the on/off button, + and - for temperature control.
Temperature range 140°C to 210°C.
But anything more than 180°C is pretty scary to me >.<

2 pin socket with 2.5m cord.
Yayness, cos' all my existing hair blower/tongs/straightener are so short that I need an extension plug >.<

So here's a BEFORE pic.

LCD Screen, green color when it's off.

Red when it's on, with indication of temperature.

Each adjustment is 5 degree.  Tried curling my hair with Angel's Secret Hair Iron since straightening is comparatively easy.  Setting of the temperature will be the main concern cos' you don't want to burn your hair.  Temperature setting will depend on how fast our hands can work with the irons.  Faster hands will need higher temperature in order for the curls to form within seconds.

Not too sure, I started with the lowest 140°C, but the curls didn't turn out.  Tried 180°C, realised I was too slow, my hair was hot when I touched it!  Found my comfortable degree at 165°C.

It was my first time using flat irons to curl, I used curling tongs.  Was clumsy initially, but soon gotten the hang of it.  Here's my short clip:

Took me about 15 mins to complete.  End result -  super duper BOUNCY CURLS which I twisted them into tornado!

Method to create curls with flat irons -
* clip hair in the middle with flat irons - the more hair you clip, the less define the curls will be
* twist hair over the barrel inwards, ie. towards the direction of your face
* rotate the iron at least 2 times upwards - I realised that the more I turned the irons, I would get curler curls.  And no, the wire cord wouldn't get entangled, cos' the fixture is rotatable ^^
* gently pull the irons down and you got your curl!

Curls created using my existing tongs are "tighter", as in hair won't bounced back to the "original curl" when I pull them, they will just get straighter lolxx....  So I was quite surprise by the bouncy curls that Angel's Secret Hair Iron delivered.

More pics of my Tornado Hair.

With Christmas just around the corner follow by New Year, give your crown glory a different look!

Usual price for Angel's Secret Hair Iron is S$128.

Cos' you guys are so awesome being my blog readers,
Disount Quote - SusanWong
You get X'mas Promotion offer at S$58!
Hurry while stock last!

Email Sales@ss-electronics.com.sg to place your order.

Delivery: 1 to 3 working days.  Free delivery Mon to Fri, 10am to 5pm outside CBD area, $5 charge for CBD area.  $10 charge for delivery arrange after office hour and weekend.

Payment: Interbank transfer.

Special note to Precious Nail customers:  You may view and try Angel's Secret Hair Iron at my home salon.