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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Celebrating Maifest at Brotzeit!


Maifest (or Mayfest in English) is a traditional German celebration of the arrival of spring since 1881.  

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant is bringing this colorful festive to Singapore, celebrating and sharing the joy with Bavarian Cuisine and world famous quality of German Beers!!
Brotzeit VivoCity

By the time I rush out this blog post, celebration at VivoCity outlet has ended.  Baton taken over by
Raffles City outlet, Maifest Celebration from 16 - 19 May, please mark the dates ya.
Brotzeit Maifest 2013

It was a Friday evening, there was a already a queue outside Brotzeit at Vivo City.
Thank you Brotzeit for the invite, I walked straight in like a boss queen, lolxxx...

Here's Anton & The Funny Guys's Live Band which perks everybody up with laughter (and lots of exercises, you will find out about it later, lolxx..)

Out-door sitting was already fully occupied with beer lovers.  In-door was equally crowded too.
Brotzeit VivoCity - outdoor sitting

During the previous visit, it was ashamed that I didn't get to try their beer.
Read about my afternoon dining experience here.
The ambience is totally different from evening!

It was a sweet revenge that Friday night!
I had "secured" myself a glass of German beer Marzen before it was SOLD OUT around 8.30pm that night!

Here's the introduction and price-list for German beer Marzen.
Please note that this is special brew seasonal beer, available only in May 2013 while stock last!
Image from http://www.brotzeit.co/

This wizard loves beer, he didn't need to go to the bar counter though.
He filled his mug up with magic fingers!


Here's a video clip, where the wizard bottoms up!
Not too well taken, sorry, my bad, cos' I was enjoying too much!
Okay, that's an excuse, I will improve next time I promise >.<

Meet Ms Suzy Goulding PR Director of Ate Integrated Communications.

Now, time for food pics
Maifest Platter S$118
(for a limited period only, serves 5 tom 6 pax)
Featuring Brotzeit's famed sausages, signature pork knuckle, crispy pork belly and whole roast chicken along with sauerkraut (pickled white cabbage) and fries.
Brotzeit Maifest Platter
This is a PERFECT all-in-one platter for celebrating Maifest agmongst family and friends!
The signature Pork Knuckle had proven itself again conquering our taste buds with ultimate crunchiness.
Famed sausages and roasted pork belly make fantastic partners with beer.
While there's still oven room for improvement for the roast chicken, this bountiful festive platter was really enjoyable.

The Pork Knuckle came with a special in-house brown sauce which was actually inside the silver sauce holder at the left hand side of the above picture.
According to Ms Carrie Er, Marketing Director of Brotzeit, the brown sauce is broth with German beer and juice collected from the pork knuckle during the process of roasting.  The rest of the ingredients are trade secret.

Sauerkraut/Pickled shredded white cabbage, a traditional German dish which was very appetising to me.

My companions enjoyed the fries a lot while I shook my head to it to avoid further weight gain T__T

It was impossible to eat in "peace", cos' there was so much happenings going on!

You know why was everybody so high?

Cos' he was about to strip!
Sort of disappointed that he didn't at the end, but......

He showed his BUTT!!!  LOLxx.....
Cool down folks, that's part of his costume, his real butt is "safe" inside, haahaaahaaa.....

Guess what's in this yellow balloon?
It's a knife!!!
The performer came to our table, took a knife from our table (without "permission" lolxxx) and thrust it into the balloon without bursting it!  He was doing this scary stunt with the balloon only 1 foot away from my face!
I was screaming like mad with intense fear of  balloon might burst in front of my face!!!

To "pacify" me he gave me a yellow swan, heehee.......
I was grasping for breath between laughter, surprise and excitement.

Second klein, Mango Beer!  It's a lady's beer with a tinge of mango sweetness infused into the smoothness of German Beer.  You are going to love this even if you don't really drink beer!

The table made a great stage!

This is how life should be!  Good food, endless beer (for adults only) and DANCING!!
Although I couldn't understand German, but from the body language I know it's something positive and encouraging.
We danced along, digested some food and we continued to eat more!  WOOT!!

Schokokuchen/Chocolate cake S$12.50
Warm chocolate with Stracciatella (vanilla) ice cream
The chocolate cake was served warm with slight chocolate lava within, this would definitely please the sweet tooth.
This dessert was done with meticulous thoughts. The vanilla ice cream was specially made with mild sweetness so that when eaten together with the chocolate cake which was stronger in flavour, the combination compliments each other and not over-bearing.

Kaiserschmarren/Emperor's Cake S$12.50
Shredded pancake with rum and raisins served with plum sauce.
It's a very special pastry, the top was crispy brown and the layers beneath was soft and fluffy.
Finger licking good :P~~~
Personally, I felt that the portion was huge for a dessert and could be shared with 3 or more pax.

Total crazy chilled Jagermeister "shots"!
Jagermeister is a flavoured German liquor which contains 56 different herbs and ingredients.
It's an ideal option for "shots" as well as a relaxing after dinner drink.
Set a flame in my throat and the wild fire spreaded within my entire body!
I felt hot all over and I looked red, lolxxxx.........

It's S$9 per 2 cl bottle.
Every Friday is Jager Friday where Jagermeister goes $7.50 per bottle!!

Ms Carrie Er stacking the bottles up, which eventually toppled down with lots of noise ;D

I still made it straight at the train dance!
I totally love the crowd!  Despite of numerous beer mugs and jugs on every table, the crowd was wonderful indulging themselves with the food, beer and entertainment without any other funny intentions. All ladies were elegant and discreet, if you understand what I mean (sleazy venues are no no for me).

Lady in grey (sticking her tongue) is Ms Charmaine Phua, DJ of Power 98FM!
She is really spotting and fun loving!
See my face red like tomato, heehee........

I was really honoured to share a table with Ms Heng Kae In 王恺缨, DJ of 883Jia FM.
I was looking at her name card, I looked and looked and looked, but my eyes didn't send any information to my brain until she made a verbal intro of herself.  I was totally taken by surprise as I wasn't told that 王恺缨 would be joining us.  She is a familiar voice from the radio which I listens to daily and there she was, in person, right in front of me from the radio!  Hoooohoooohoooo....... I was elated!!

I suppose DJs are considered celebrities too.  But both Charmaine Phua and Heng Kae In are so friendly.
They made me feel so lucky that night!

The live band was amazing, they sang 月亮代表我的心 (The moon represents my heart)
It was so heart warming and gotten thunderous applause from the audience.
Thanks to my butterfly fingers, I thought I recorded the whole song, but ended up recording only towards the end.
Thousands of apologies!!  >.<

But hey, why not hear them LIVE!

Head down to:

Raffles City

252 North Bridge Road
#01-17 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6883 1534

Maifest Celebration 2013 starts from 16 -19 May.
Reservation is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Date of visit: 11 May 2013


  1. This event look sooooo much fun Momma!!
    and LOVE brotzeit foodie ^^

    1. Yes! It was so fun, I was drinking, dancing and giggling non-stop. Hope for the same event next year!