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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"Complete The Look" Workshop by Star Lash


Before I begin, would like to thank Elrica Diona of pink-buble.blogspot.sg for having me at "Complete The Look" Workshop by Star Lash held Bonia Pop-Up Store.  Being a Star Lash user, I was full of anticipation!

Bonia Pop-Up Store at Orchard Green

Bonia Pop-Up Store has a series of exciting events!

As I was early, I took the opportunity to look around Bonia Pop-Up Store.
All along, Bonia had given me a impression that it's a brand for more matured ladies.
But look at these vibrant colorful handbags, I was wow...........

Mannequin wearing a leather dress, interesting!

Star Lash goodies in pink bags awaiting...... wooohooo.......

Our "beauty table" with lovely daisies ^^ and Star Lash products.
Had been using Star Lash's falsies for quite a couple of years, but never know they have a range of eye make-up as well.

Cyrenne couldn't contain her excitement.

Star Lash's display booth screams pink!
These were only part of products, Star Lash has over 100 designs of lashes to chose from.

Star Lash Demonstration about to begin!

Here's Elrica Diona who's a professional make-up artist as well as a beauty blogger.
She's glowing with a baby bump <3

Maybeline was the model for "Natural Look Lashes".

It was only after this demo, I realised that I had been gluing my falsies the wrong way!  *face palm*

Gluing the lashes on the lash "bone" will make the lashes look droopy on our eyes.

Glue at the edge of the lash "bone" so that the lashes perks up with "eyes opening" effect!

Hands-On Time!

Elrica patiently guiding us.  She's so professional and yet so friendly  <3 <3

Star Lash  Automatic Gel Eyeliner Pencil S$14.90
Comes in 5 shades and I choose  #SEXY BROWN
This is a water (and tear) resistant pencil-type eyeliner, with retractable gel lead.
Twist out the lead for drawing, simply twist it back if the lead is too long.
No sharping is needed, fuss-free for modern and busy women ^^

Caught in action, heehee.....

Introducing my favourite Star Lash falsie #DB17
Retail price: S$8.90
It's dark brown in color, it's perfect with Star Lash Automatic Gel Eyeliner #SEXY BROWN, as well as my brown color contact lens.  All of the above gave a softer look against my bleached color hair.

Look at the lashes, they are so soft and natural looking!  And absolutely comfortable even after several hours of wearing them.
Star Lash #DB17 and Automatic Gel Eyeliner #SEXY BROWN

Daaa Laaa........ Long lashes without being exaggerating.
Star Lash #DB17 and Automatic Gel Eyeliner #SEXY BROWN
(This pic was taken on a different day, thus different outfit.)

See how Star Lash "transformed" my small eyes to alluring eyes:
Now you know why I pledge my love for Star Lash.
To me, make-up is never complete without False Lashes.
They are not fake, they enhance your eyes!

The staying power of the lashes of course, owes to Star Lash Clear Glue
Retail price: S$5.90 (3gm)
The glue is whitish in clear, but turns clear once dry, waterproof, and most important of all,
Safe for Contact Lens Wearers!

Star Lash Remover/Corrector Tips
Retail price: S$7.90 (10 sticks)
This is GENIUS!

The light blue eye make-up liquid remover are packed inside individual cotton buds.

Twist open, the blue make-up remover will flows into the cotton tip below.
We used it to remove the false lashes and it was a breeze!

This is Star Lash #DB20
Retail price: S$8.90
Like the previous #DB18, it's dark brown in color too.
This lash design creates a more kawaii look!

It's my first time using #DB20 and I LOVE IT!!
Star Lash DB20 and Automatic Gel Eyeliner #SEXY BROWN

Star Lash DB20 and Automatic Gel Eyeliner #SEXY BROWN

Star Lash DB20 and Automatic Gel Eyeliner #SEXY BROWN

Both Star Lash #DB17 and #DB20 are very wearable to me.

The other design (my personal collection) which I had worn many times is Star Lash #DB26
Retail price: can't remember as I bought sometime ago.
Star Lash #DB26
The lash extend outwards and it's dark purple in color! 

Star Lash #DB26

Star Lash #DB26

Star Lash #DB26

Besides eye lashes for daily wear, Star Lash have party designs too!
Retail price: S$22.90

We had loads of fun "experimenting" different looks!

More hot lashes!!


How can I end the post without a photo with pretty mum to be Elrica!
Special thanks to Beauty Direct and Bonia for this awesome event.

Last but not least, beautiful and durable lashes from Star Lash are available at:

BHG, SaSa, John Little, Pink Beauty, Watsons

For enquire email: sales@beautydirect.com.sg
Find them on: www.facebook.com/beautydirectSG


  1. Hi Dear... Yeah..we didn't get to meet each other. Hope to meet you one day in any event. When I see you, I will definitely say Hi and chat with you. Hope you won't feel sian with me cos I talk love to talk and talk a lot hehehe....

    1. The 2 of us will probably form a noisy mini market talking non-stop then lolxx.. :P

  2. I've been wearing my lashes wrongly also!! Omg. Btw I really like those lashes you posted up :O They look really nice!

    1. Hey Raine! Thank you! Is Star Lash available in Malaysia too? Thank you for popping by my blog, had follow you on twitter, hope to meet you in person at LittleRedCube :)