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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dumb Ways to Die and end your blog

Inspired by this funny song "Dumb Ways to Die",

here are some dumb ways to end your blogging career:

* Chose a super artistic font so that it's legible only to you;

* Blog about how pitiful you are being a victim on earth and the whole world owes you everything;

* Be late, be very late at all events;

* Grabbed the complimentary gifts from the organiser and hopped to another event, repeat the same stunt a few times in a day if possible;

*  Put your eyes on top of your head so that you can only look with your nostrils and fall flat at any time;

*  Copy and paste to complete blog posts;

*  Do sponsored blog posts only and nothing else;

*  Post about your broken nail;

*  Blabber brainlessly about religion, race and politics;

*  Bitch about other bloggers;

*  Go missing in action;

*  Buy "Likes" and ghost Followers at Instagram;

Lastly, take out page view counter from blog so that nobody knows you are dying.

Just for laughs, please do not take me seriously.

Meanwhile, enjoy this cute song~~

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