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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Cha Thai - Fine Thai Food

Thai food is so popular in Singapore that it's almost like local food.
Cravings for tom yum soup?  You get your fix at any food court or Thai cafe/restaurant, literally any corner, any where.

However, my experience at Cha Thai was unique and different from other Thai restaurants I had been to.  The dishes comes with a heavy punch of flavors and their desserts are amazing, especially their signature bread toast, simply delicious!  Really worth blogging and sharing, so here we go!
Cha Thai is right at Telok Ayer Station across the road, extremely convenient.
They have an express take-away counter that operates like fast food.

The dining interior is simple with mostly metal chairs which are butt freezing with the aircon.  So ladies, shorts and mini skirts maybe not lolxx..
Glass drippers were used for some of the condiments, creative and eye catching.

Ice Green Tea Latte S$2.90 and Hot Sour Plum S$2.50.
 In fact prices of all cold drinks are standard at S$2.90 and hot drinks at S$2.50.

Ice Thai Tea S$2.90, Green Tea Latte Smoothie S$4.50, Butterfly Pea S$2.90
All smoothies are priced at S$4.50.

Moving on to appetizers..
Crispy Prawn Cake S$15.00
Golden fried prawn cakes made with tiger prawns (not the usual shrimps used by many), served with sweet plum sauce.

Each prawn was generously thick, juicy and so "bouncy" in texture that I couldn't stop at one.

Creamy Crab Roll S$15.00
Don't be fooled by the color, the cream sauce wasn't too spicy.  Made of finger roots herbs, the taste was light, a bit like laksa but in creamy texture.  Chunky pieces of fresh crab meat made it worth the price tag.

It's a fun eating spring roll straws dipping in this special cream crab sauce!

Lemongrass Tiger Prawn Salad S$28.00

Not sure why this dish was called a salad.  It's a spicy savory dish. Minced pork was very flavorful, that kind where you can have bowls and bowls of rice with it alone.
Big fat king prawns with "springy" texture is very addictive for prawn lovers.

Pomelo Salad S$16.00
Portion was big, good for 4 to 6pax.

Tom Yum Vegetarian Dumplings S$18.00
All my life I had been eating either Tom Yum Chicken or Tom Yum Seafood.  So this was very delightful to me!  The smooth dumpling skin were made from the kitchen.  

Pad Thai S$22.00
Street food Pad Thai was upgraded in Cha Thai with king prawns.  This could be shared with 2 to 4 pax.  Raw beansprouts were served separately at a corner which was a relieve to me as I don't really fancy beansprouts.  This plate of "slippery" rice noodles was a delicious staple.

Tiger Prawn Panang Curry S$28.00
This was a sweet curry with lychee, drizzled with coconut milk.

Saute Kai Lan with Roast Pork S$16.00
Roast pork were crispy, I LIKE.   Kai lan stir fried with oyster sauce and lots of garlic could never be wrong.

Garlic Chicken with Bird's Chilli S$18.00
Chicken breasts were used, health conscious people hands up!  Green bird's chilli was fiery, challenge them if you are a chilli lover.

Simmered Pork S$22.00
Pork knuckle was sous vide (french method) for 14 hours.  Needless to say, that's a lot of time and effort.  Western cooking with eastern ingredients, pork knuckle was fully packed with flavor; skin was soft and succulent while tender meat falls off the bone effortlessly.

Tiger Prawns Claypot Glass Noodles S$55
This big pipping hot claypot was good for 4 to 6 pax.  Savour the good quality tang hoon which was QQ in texture, not soggy!  Yummy!

Cha Thai is found by Chef Permsiri Sirijindapan (long name, so she's affectionately known as Leah), who picked up heritage of food from her grandmother.  The recipes were passed in her family from one generation to another.

Leah's strong culinary passion got her admitted to schools in France and Thailand, thus dishes in Cha Thai has got a unique fushion of east and west.

Leah's signature Thai Kaya Cube Toasts was initially "hidden" in SMU campus at Loaves Me Cafe.  It's now available in Cha Thai too and it has got an evolve version!  (Sorry, has been really hooked with Pokemon Go lolxx...)
Charcoal Toast S$8.00
Cute little black bread cubes were crispy on the outside and amazingly soft and fluffy inside!  Freaking good even on it's own.  Served with generous loads Thai Kaya sauce and Thai Milk Tea sauce.   Loving both sauces with mild sweetness!

Red Ruby, Emerald Jade Green Ruby and Melon Sago S$8.00 each.

Melon Sago S$8.00
Melon balls + coconut shreds + mango bits + sago + coconut milk

Sweet Corn Herbal Jelly S$8.00
Serve with homemade jack fruit syrup.

Summer Potato S$8.00
Steamed sweet potato with coconut cream.

Mountain Milo /Milo Phu Kho Fai  S$8.00
Shaved Ice with signature toasts and milo crunch within, drizzled with milo sauce, sprinkled with milo powder.  Special dessert especially for milo lovers.

Berries Toast S$8.00
Fresh berries toast ‘bed’ with toast cubes within, topped with berries and drizzled with homemade sauce.

If you are looking for an enjoyable fine Thai meal of high quality, Cha Thai is the right place for you.

Cha Thai
80 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 048466 (Telok Ayer MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily, Last Order 9:30pm.
Express Takeaway Lane Opens 8am – 6pm

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