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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

8 Days in Beijing - Day 7

Date of travel: 18.12.2013

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Day 7 Highlights ~

Nanshan Ski Village 南山滑雪
YaXiu Clothing Market 雅秀服装市场


Breakfast at 7am.
For those who didn't read Day 1, it's buffet breakfast, but only had this plate, didn't want to gorge myself in case I puke in the bus >.<

On our way to Nanshan Ski Village 南山滑雪

Reach liao.

I guessed these must be the resorts.

We didn't ski, couldn't ski anyway, only knew how to fall down.  The other time in Korea I took forever to put on the ski boot bladders, waste time.

Bought cable car chair tix RMB30/pax and Toboggan ride at RMB50/pax.

牙齿白不白? 不白!
白兔胖不胖? 非常胖!

Cable car went up the hill like a snail, took freaking long, about 15mins.  Despite of the "safe" speed, it was a very scary ride.
We set very very still, for fear we might slipped out of our seats -___-

I am not afraid of heights, but was afraid of the ride, felt dangerous.

Snow maker machine at work.

So far away from the hill bottom....

Pic taken at hill top.
Freaking high up and don't know how far away we were from the bottom.

This was the tobggan ride I was talking about.

We waited for about 15mins for the workers to check and clear the track.

Man-made snow somehow not as soft and fluffy.

Hubby took pic of me taking pic lolxx..

Be it made man or natural, snow was fun for kids (and me).

3-in-1 Bunny beanie, scarf and mittens - 王府井 Wang Fu Jing
Fleece jacket/dirty pink pants - Uniqlo

Beijing die die also wouldn't snow, so Google Auto Awesome made it snow for me ^^

Finally on the sliding track after 15mins of wait.

Great fun, all the way from the top and back to the bottom with total length of 1.3km.

Need some warmth and this cafe was the only choice.

All indoor tables was occupied in this tiny cafe.  One of our kind tour mate gave us her table as her hubby and kid were still skiing outside.

Tourist area, nothing was cheap but still affordable, thanks to Singapore's strong currency.
My kids were happy as they don't fancy those chinese meals we were having.

Munching and watching the snowy scenery outside, treasuring every second every minute of our stay, cos' no more such sight once back in Singapore.
We had only 2hrs at the ski resort before setting off for lunch.

On our way to lunch, saw this restaurant selling donkey meat!! **faintz**

Had lunch here, too tired to take food pics.

After lunch was shopping at YaXiu 雅秀.  Below are some pics taken during journey.

YaXiu Clothing Market 雅秀服装市场

Busy shopping inside, no time for photos.  King Luis gotten a pair of shoes and replica ear phones.  I bought some knitted gloves, 2 wool tights, a pair of winter leggings and 2 skirts!  Sorry, no pics cos' also don't know where I put the stuffs >.<
High bargaining skills required, I bargained until literally breathless, brutally slashed 70% off their prices offered.   ie if they offer RMB100, 敢敢 request for RMB30.  They would only give in a little initially, but as you walked further away from their shop, they would start to drop the price to your desire amount, heeheeheee....

After shopping, we merrily proceed for the complimentary foot massage as stated in the itinerary.  According to the tour guide the people serving us were health consultants for Olympics Athletics not foot masseurs (保健顾问).  Sounded too atas for me, I just need a foot massage to ease my aches that's all.

Too atas (and fishy), this so called Complimentary Foot Massage turned out to be a BAIT with selling expensive herbal foot soaks as the main motive.   No wonder they refused to serve children below 15 and gave a stupid excuse that too young not suitable to do foot massage.  My King Luis was so sad you know!  The truth is, too young won't be able to purchase anything from them sia!

Not sure of the reason, but would like to blame it on the climate, my feet swell and I was coaxed to buy S$100++ herbal foot soak.  At that point of time, the masseur sales girl said until very scary, like my water retention was very bad, will affect my kidneys, making me fat lah, must take care of my health as I am not young any more lah blah blah blah........  So I took out my wallet and she won.
After I came back from Singapore, went to my chinese physician for my sprained wrist at the same time to let him see my feet with water retention swells.  Took 3 days of medication, all swells gone, problem solved! Spend S$100++ on foot soak don't know for what..... na bei.

Okay, nobody put a gun on my head or breasts to force me to buy, but "Complimentary Foot Massage" with hidden agenda is cunning.  People will fall into it for once but not another time.  Really disgusted by the way they run their business.

No point crying over spilled milk, money spend couldn't be retrieve, eat dinner ba.

Had lamb and chicken.

It was ok, but images of  the other day's 海底捞 kept flashing before me, really cannot compare....

Next post, Day 8 which is also the last day (finally!), stay tuned and thank you for reading ^^

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