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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Buffet Brunch - Azur at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Date of visit: 29-12-2013

Gotten this 1-for-1 weekend brunch voucher from the bank.  Great deal not to be missed especially when it's only 20mins drive from home.

We were slightly early, so we chilled and click photos at Crown Plaza's lobby.
When I smile, my eyes just shrink >.<  I am showing more legs so that you guys gets distracted away from my expanding waist line, heeheehee....

Swayed our way to the 2nd floor where Azur is located, couldn't help to take a photo of the stripped black granites with different finishes.   My red stripy wedges looked gorgeous with the color contrast, heehee...

Azur's entrance

Dinning area at the center.

Ours was at the side with cushion seats, ya it was just after Christmas.
Comfy contemporary interior and soothing environment was perfect for a date.   There he was sitting opposite me, god had sent this perfect man to love me.......... and make me fat.

This wasn't a food tasting session, so I was a bit sneaky, snapping the photos quickly in case I disturb other people >.<
This is part of the buffet counters, there's another stretch at the right side.

Let's make rounds
dessert bar
chocolate fountain
see food!



roast turkey

kueh pie tee

cha soba

canapes, sorry pic a bit blur, I was probably too gan jiong

soft boiled eggs

Bringing you to my table, see what I ate =P~~~
This is edible, but it's for rinsing fingers.

Fresh oysters with a dash of lemon and tabasco sauce.

Look at the size..... so HUGE so JUICY..... can just dive in....

I LOVE EGGsssssss

Noms like no tomrrow...

 I don't normally take porridge.  Cos' many years back when my kids were still babies, I cooked porridge almost everyday, and I ate leftover porridge for more than 6 years.  Eat until scared sia.
But this was really yummy!

Kiap bao with black pepper beef slices, happiness it was.

Some noodles...

2 mouthfuls of cha soba

 Do not judge by it's ordinary look, this mutton curry is a MUST TRY!  It's mildly spicy, very tender chunks of mutton that melts in mouth =P~~~

Hubby's ice-cream in messy lumps but good taste not affected.

Had cheese cake and warm chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce.

Honey pineapple was so sweet that it didn't taste like pineapple.

That buffet was my breakfast, lunch cum dinner, burp.
The bill was S$55, with GST and service charge added to S$64.74.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Terminal 3
75 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819664

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