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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mendis Aesthetics


Botox, fillers etc are no longer new terms to many of us.

Non-surgical instant facelift has gain popularity due to the following factors:

*  influence of celebrities, especially Korean artists
*  most procedures are done in an hour or so, a quick fix can be done over lunch hour for busy working women
*  instant results, although may take a few hours or a few days, which is comparatively fast compared to conventional skincare

It's an unchangeable universal cycle that everybody will age one day.

People always console themselves by saying that they will age gracefully.  Cos' in the past, going under knives is scary.  The result is often fake, one cannot even smile properly with very tight skin.  Healing process is also long, affecting usual lifestyle.

Now, technology had advanced by leaps and bounds, we need not oblige!

Who needs to age gracefully when we can defy aging!

Scrolling down, you are about to witness my facial uplift at Mendis Aesthetics, one of the finest Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore!
Mendis Aesthethics is located at the heart of Orchard Road in Mandarin Gallery.  Chic and sophisticated  interior with a number of certifications and media photos proudly displayed at a corner.

Mendis Aesthetics was featured on Channel News Asia.
Procedure of  Exilis and Acoustic Wave treatment was shown and that's was what I had done!

Before I show you guys my Before and After photos, here's some facts and my personal experience about Exilis:

What is Exilis?
Exilis is an aesthetic treatment that melts down fats and tighten loose skin with this machine with ultra sound and monopolar radiofrequency-
How does it work?
It breaks down fat cells into 3 parts - Water, Glycerol and fatty acids.  Water and glycerol will be passed out of our body by lymphatic system and urinated.  Fatty acids will be process by the liver and convert energy.

Exilis remodel and stimulates collagen fibres which contributes to visible smoother and tighter skin after each treatment.

Which areas can Exilis be done?
Exilis can be done on the face, chin, neck, decollette, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and knees.  I did it on my cheeks, jaw and chin areas. 

Here's Dr Rohan Mendis giving me the treatment ^^

How does it feel?
It's like a warm facial massage, the procedure was done with lots of cooling gel applying onto my face.  There were occasional burning sensation on my pimples.  Face felt a bit sore after the treatment which subside within a couple of hours.  No redness, swell  or side effects after treatment.  Each time I stepped out of the clinic with a smaller face ^.^

Show me the results!

The above photos are taken from the book.

Ok, my photos are below, but not as "dramatic" as the above cos' I wasn't so jiao (wrinkled) to begin with heehee....

1st Exilis Treatment
on 14-01-2014

Pai seh, left photo no flash, right photo with flash.  Try to ignore, look at my smile lines, 1 treatment eliminated quite a bit!

2nd Exilis Treatment
on 18-01-2014

The photos says it all!
So happy until I can die!!!

3rd Exilis Treatment
on 22-01-2014

Selfie taken on 02-02-2014.
(no photoshop, only filter)
During Chinese New Year, relatives who had not seen me for some time were astonished by my youthful look.  I didn't even need new clothes or shoes to look fabulous.

4th Exilis Treatment
on 05-02-2014
Small face gotten smaller after the 4th session of Exilis.  My face's shape is more to round than oval shape, but the fats at my cheek areas were all burn off, giving a more define chin.

Selfie taken on 08-02-2014
(no photoshop, only filter)

It's difficult not to 自恋 (self-love), another selfie taken 09-02-2014
(no photoshop, only filter)

It isn't just the youthful appearance that Mendis Aesthetics had given me, it's the self-confidence.
Surprised expressions of new acquaintances when I revealed my age gave me mini orgasm, heeheehee....  Some die die want to see my I/C , they thought I was pulling their legs, haaahaaahaaa.....

I look far far away from my actual age of 42.

THANK YOU Mendis Aesthetics and Dr Rohan Mendis.

Mendis Aesthetics
333A Orchard Road,
#04-17, Mandarin Gallery,
Singapore 238897

Tel: 6235 1728
Email: enquiries@drmendis.com

For more information, click in:

Disclaimer - Please note that I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand. Review is based on my own experience. The above photos are NOT photoshopped.


  1. how much the cost for your treatment ? I usually go to dr gohsengheng, its too pricey for me, but I cant stop, his creams was the only solution for my skin

  2. hi, can i know how much was your treatment? you can pm me at wenqian09@hotmail.com