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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Collin's Grille Bento at Bedok

Date of visit: 24 & 25.12.2013

Hubby and I are ordinary working folks.  Indulging in restaurants once in a while is a joy.  But day to day basics cannot sia.  In fact, I am watching my spending nowadays.  Everything is getting more and more expensive.  With my 2 kids in secondary school, their expense increased also, sigh....

So after a semi-atas food review at Azur, here's something nice and affordable for everybody!

Last year Dec, Bedok Mall was newly open with forever full car park.  Don't really fancy crowded shopping malls but thought of just to go there to look see look see and have dinner since it's near my place.  So ya, we parked some where nearby.

While walking towards Bedok Mall, we saw this:
Very big and brightly lit banner with attractive photos of western food.  Beneath was a queue.  I had been "tricked" ultimate times and the important thing I learnt is that "Long queue doesn't mean good food."

The food pics looks too good to be serve in a neighbourhood coffee shop.
So, what I did was kaypo around the coffee shop, see what people were eating, trying not to look too rude or obvious....  My "investigation" was that more than 70% of the tables ordered from this stall!  My eyes sent drooling sensation to my mouth sia, heehee....

Abort initial plan to Bedok Mall, haahaahaa....

Joined the short queue and made our orders at the cashier within 10mins.
Was given a buzzle, so we waited patiently.

We happened to sit near the stall and my eyes were glued at the counter where food was served out.
It's not possible for me to eat everything in the menu, but I least I get to see what other people ordered :P
Anybody out there behave like me or not huh??  lolxxx....

After about 20mins of wait, our food came!
Grilled Black Pepper Chicken with spaghetti S$7.50
The portion was huge for the price tag.  Appreciate the crispy green salad and the little corn.  Chicken chop was tasty but nothing in particular to rave about.

But the spaghetti was so good that it puts those pasta food chains to shame.
It's springy with perfect seasoning, fat die also must eat you know!

Mixed grill with spaghetti S$12.50
Big sausage, pork chop and.... I can't remember was it lamb or beef  >.<  I am very particular with steaks, but with the price tag, no complains with this big plate of serving.

Calamansi Mint S$3.00
A little dispute over this drink, hubby said it was too sweet for his liking, but I think this was how calamansi taste like!   So taste is still subjective.

I thought my children were going to love Collin's, so we visited again the very next day!

Root Beer Float & Green drink S$3.00 each
(forgotten the name of the green drink cos' receipt is smudged T__T)

Meat Ball Spaghetti S$7.00

Plain Spaghetti S$3.00
It was as good as the other day, so simple yet so yummy.

Half chicken S$12.90.
Luis and I shared the plain spaghetti and the half chicken, good ideal wasn't it!  Nothing to rave about the chicken but the potatoes wedge fries were so good that the kids asked if we could order extra of this as side dish.  But taking into consideration of the waiting time, had to disappoint them.

Saba Bento S$7.00
 Normal standard of those at food courts, not too bad for the value.

Tiramisu S$4.50
Came a little too frozen, not going to order again the next visit although I love Tiramisu.

Update - hubby bought us there again on 22.02.2014 after reading my blog >.<  So a few more dishes to show.....

Peach and Lychee S$3.00
It's 7-up with fruits I think...

Crisp Fries S$3.00

Grilled Prawn with spaghetti S$8.50
Spaghetti was as good as previously and the big prawns........ 90% cooked and it was FANTASTIC!!  It's chewy and springy but not rubbery, you know how overcooked prawns taste like.  I hope they can maintain this standard throughout.

Pork Ribs full slab S$15.90
Huge portion on a giant plate, ribs were tender but the BBQ sauce was a bit too sweet for our likings.

Economical and satisfying, we left nothing on our plates on every visit.
It's not fair to expect restaurant standard here,  but if you are looking for decent western/japanese food in coffee shops, Collin's is one of best I ever tried.  But do visit slightly earlier before your patience wears off by hunger, expect 20 to 30mins wait during weekends.

Collin's Grille Bento
217 Bedok North St 1
Singapore 460217

For more information click:


  1. um.....everything looks delicious....dont know which one to choose.....i hope u give me a commnt want to eat........which one do u like to eat susan......i wish i have e whole shop.....but u will become fat if u eat too much susan so dont eat too much western food

  2. just to tell u susan u r quite fat so dont eat to much.....FATTY SUSAN

  3. you guys should try their chessy chicken cutlet and the potato salad that come with it also very nice.