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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot at Clarke Quay

Date of visit: 17 May 13

Okay!!  Understand that many of you are waiting for this review.  There are numerous steamboats in Singapore, from non-aircon economical, to restaurants to atas hotel at all prices; whether you are a poor student or some rich tai tai, you will be able to find one steamboat just for you!

海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot have various outlets in China, and Singapore was their first international branch!

What's the big hoo haa all about?
3 reasons -
* their outrageous good service
* good quality of meat selections, fresh seafood, interesting variety of dip sauces
* rich hot pot soup broth with bountiful ingredients
(will go into details as you read along)

I don't think I am sua ku when it comes to food, but my first visit to 海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot was overwhelming and I couldn't stop myself from raving and raving to my friends.

Don't mistaken this as the shop front, it just leads you to the lift to the 2nd storey where 海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot is located.
There was a waiter who stands at the lift with capability of reading facial expressions and identify customers.
He warmly extend his welcome and ushered us to the lift.

Board panel besides the lift, so that there's no way you can miss it.

This is the "waiting area" where customers entertained themselves with board games and some fruits and tibits while waiting for their table.  It's Free of charge.
Please let me know if there's any other restaurants or even hotels providing such service!

My hubby "stole" a tray.

If you are able to tell, this type of popcorns are not cheap :P~~
Requested the waiter to bring one big bowl for us, lolxxx....

It's my first time to see a manicure station in a restaurant!
It's a No Charge service provided for female customers before or after their steamboat meal.
Totally 傻眼 O__O
But that evening when we visited, there was only one manicurist working, so the wait can be up to a couple of hours.
Again, if there's any other restaurants in Singapore extending this type of service please drop me a comment!

There's a little corner with a small machine to clean your specs.
There's also a kids corner which I forgotten to take pic of.

Each table has an Ipad for ordering of dishes.

Ordering from the Ipad was made easy with clear illustrations.
You may also place your orders with the waiter if you are too lazy to browse.

Each table has a side metal trolley for extra cutleries, placing of dishes and free flow beverage in a flask.
Free Flow Beverage charges at S$3.00 per pax.

They have aprons provided, not to invite you into their kitchen of course, it's to prevent accidental food stains on your outfits.  I wore one since I eat like a monster and am very "accident prone" >.<

Service so meticulous that they provided hair bands for ladies and spectacle cloth wipes if you are having glasses on.  
Small zip lock bags were also provided for smart phones which I didn't take cos' I need to take pics.

If you are still not happy with the above service, you probably need to see a psychiatrist lolxx....
So much for the outrageous service, let's move on to the FOOD!!!

Self service bar with fruits, almond pudding, condiments and sauce.

海底捞  self service counter with all kinds of condiments and sauce.

You may chose and mix your own sauce or request the waiter to prepare their in-house dip sauce for you!
Dip sauce & condiments charges at S$4.00 per pax.
海底捞  in-house dip sauce

Mixed with a few tablespoon of soup and it's perfect!

Duo pot from which you may select 2 soup base.
We had tomato soup base (left) and 麻辣 spicy soup base (right)
Each duo pot charges at S$16.00.
Our girlfriend from China kept insisting on ordering tomato soup base, and we literally turned pale...
We were quite skeptical of the tomato soup base, I kept having in mind of those canned tomato soup with assorted peas and carrot cubes, so awful sia >.<

But when it came, it was a delicious surprise!  The tomato taste wasn't over bearing and the subtle sweetness makes it an unique steamboat base!
My girlfriend: "Told you all right?  My recommendation won't be wrong one!  Very nice right?"
Everybody sipping the tomato soup, nodding, lolxx....

The 麻辣 spicy soup base was really lips burning spicy but addictive!
Not recommended for those who have low tolerance for spicy food.
We had a perfect combination of sweet and spicy hot pots in orange and red!

Other soup bases available are Local laksa, Mushroom soup, Chicken soup and Seafood soup.
Another friend mine suggested that I should try their Seafood soup, she said that there's lots of seafood ingredients inside!

黑猪肉 Black Pork slices S$12.00
Worth every single cent....

羊肉卷 mutton slices S$16.00
Wonderfully delectable without any weird odour which you commonly find in mutton.

U.S. Beef slices S$18.00
The meat just melt in your mouth, no need to fight with irritating fibers!

The above are what I called good quality meat with beautiful marbling and in correct thickness.
But of course, good things comes with a price tag which I don't mind paying for.
T____T  I am so hungry now......

Meat dumplings S$8.00
MUST ORDER, cute fat meat dumplings.  The magic is, although the flour skin is thin and soft, it won't break apart even if you over cooked them!

Succulent meat filling with soft thin flour skin, tell me how to resist them :P~~~

手工虾滑 Prawn paste S$14.00

Asked the waiter to help us with it.  He did it very swiftly with squeeze and "kiap" motion (pinch with chopsticks).
Cooked within a couple of minutes, springy to bite on with freshness of prawn taste!
But it's a bit expensive >.<

Now, a short video clip on their Kung Fu noodles!
Not too well taken, please pardon me, I always screw up when I gets excited >.<  I know it's not the first time, yeah.... just bare with me...

Each serving of noodle or you may consider each performance at S$3.00
The performance was entertaining and fun, the noodles I would say hmmm.... okay only.

As the servings are quite big, you may order your items in half portion.
Frog's leg (half portion) S$5.00

Other side dishes we ordered:

Shitake mushroom S$6.00

Frozen tofu S$6.00

Golden mushroom S$6.00

Seaweed S$6.00

Bamboo shoots S$6.00

There were a few more items like prawns and leafy veg which I didn't take pics of, too busy eating.

It's definitely worth a visit, for the experience as well as the food!
Do note that it's really crowded, we booked 1 week in advance for a Friday dinner.
Also, I would think it's better to go with a group to share the cost of the pot which incurred S$16.00.

Update 29.6.2013

We made another visit, tried some new dishes.  Sharing herewith the pics but I dumped away the receipt so I don't know the prices:

Assorted seafood and meat paste

Remember the 撒尿牛肉丸 at the movie God of Cookery?

海底捞 has something close to it.

 The difference will be in the movie, prawn paste was stuffed inside the beef balls.
In reality, there's a hole in the beef ball, so upon each bite, it will piss out pipping hot soup.
It's quite an exciting experience but just have to be careful of the "hot piss" lolxx...

Fish was really fresh but many bones!

Big bowl of assorted veg good for 4 pax!


海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot
3D River Valley Road
Tel: 8263 6674
Opens from 10.30am to 3.00am

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  1. I've tried the one in Singapore but it's not as good as the Hai Di Lao I had in Shanghai.

    1. Oh gosh, you serious? Really can't imagine! I have yet to visit Shanghai hope to try in Beijing! Thank you for popping by ^^

  2. hi. how much is the avg cost per pax?

    1. Depending on your appetite about $40 to $60.

  3. I went with my friend on Friday the 13th. The food was good, service was great and the price... excellent. SGD147 for 2 pax. However, worthed every penny. Will definitely go back!

  4. i only give 5 out of 10 marks. environment is clean, but it is supposed to be clean. food is fresh and it is supposed to be fresh though.....no one will eat unclean food at an unpleasant place ....talk abt the service, there's complimentary nail polish service, the staff let customers to wait just bcuz she was polishing her own nails, when was her turn to serve she asked customer to remove old nails polish by customer herself just bcuz her nails polish were not totally dried. it is ridiculous !!

    1. Eeeew.... their manicurist eat snake wor.... I never try their manicure since I am a manicurist myself >.< Any recommended steamboat restaurant that you rate more than 5/10?

  5. The service in Singapore cannot be compared to the one I went in China. China people are more sincere and pleasant when comes to serving people.

  6. you may chose and mix your own sauce or request the waiter to prepare their in-house dip sauce for you!
    Dip sauce & condiments charges at S$4.00 per pax.
    Q: if i mix my own sauce, is the $4 charges still applicable?