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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Guo Fu Steamboat 国府珍锅

Date of visit: 31 May 2013

Haze or no haze, we need food in order to stay alive and breath!

With our air quality so hazardous, it's better to stay away from deep fried food.  Steamboat is probably one of the best choice!

Guo Fu Steamboat 国府珍锅 was introduced by my girlfriend, which we chose to have our gathering.

During that time they were having pay for 3pax and 4th pax dine free.
It was a fantastic deal just nice for the 4 of us.

So here's Guo Fu Steamboat 国府珍锅 a-la-carte buffet!

Nothing extravagant about the interior, but it was clean and comfortable enough.

Individual pots for each person.

We ordered Beauty Soup, Elderly Tonic Soup and Herbal Soup.
Soup ranges from $2 to $6 per pot.

Ordering of dishes was a breeze!  Just tick whatever you want to order and pass the laminated menu to the friendly waiter.  Then they would wipe the markers away and return you the menu once order is made.
You can repeat the whole process again and again till you are full to the brim lolxxx...

Help yourself with condiments and sauces.

As I had mentioned earlier, we order 3 types of soup base.  But they all tasted the SAME!
Except that $6 soup base had ingredients inside, $2 soup base without -___-"
But other than this, I would say the broths were not bad.

We had quite a spread.

The pancakes were pipping hot and crispy when it came.  It tasted so good that we decided to order another plate, but the second plate came cold and thus not so crispy :(

We also order dumplings 饺子 as side dish.

They have Xiao Long Bao 小笼包 too!  Both side dishes were reasonably good.

Mutton slices a bit too fatty but were fresh.

Pork slices.

Belly pork slices.

Beef slices.  Not the best I had eaten, but for the price I couldn't complain.

Their meat quality are much better than some other steamboats with equivalent pricing.
I am sure you had eaten some meat sliced so thinly that you feel as if you are eating tissue paper.
Over here, freshness and thickness - THUMBS UP!

Frozen tofu were interesting, cos' they have holes in them which absorbs the soup, it's exciting when you bites into them and soup ooze out into your mouth ;)

Fish and chicken slices.


And a lot more!  Yes, they served medium sized prawns which were very fresh!

Fruits are included in the buffet while additional charges for drinks.

I couldn't remember exactly how much I paid, but was less than S$30.

If you are broke but famished, this is one of the best place I suppose:

Guo Fu Steamboat 国府珍锅
#01-31/32/33 China Court
Singapore 048422
Tel: 6557 0906


  1. So much food for less than SGD30. I can afford this :P Worth a try. Thanks for recommending.

    1. Yes, it's worth it! Just order the $2 soup base and you'll eat till you burst lolxx...