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Friday, 7 June 2013

June's Vanity Trove


Gotten my first Vanity Trove! HAPPY!

Vanity Trove is one of the pioneer beauty box which delivers beauty surprises to your door-step every month at S$25.

I believe many of you have read numerous blog reviews on Vanity Trove, giving a brief description with some photos of what's inside blah blah blah......  But let's be realistic, as much as we appreciate product reviews, our main concern is:

Is S$25 worth it or not?

So now, let's take a peek at what's inside June's Vanity Trove with their estimated values:
Total of 10 items + Vanity mini magazine.

Vanity mini magazine
Contains details of products found in Vanity Trove, such as retail outlets, retail prices and product descriptions.  There are some beauty tips as well as a few pages on fashion.

Astalift (Japan)
Jelly Aquarysta (5g) *estimate value S$18.50
Essence Destiny (5ml) *estimate value S$16.35
for dry skin

Apivita (Greece)
Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion (75ml) *estimate value S$13.50

 Light Texture Face Cream SPF 30 (2ml) *estimate value S$2.25

Express Beauty Green Clay Mask *estimate value S$4.85
(the above 3 products for oily and combination skin)

My oily T-zone stopped oozing out oil and remain matt for more than 4 hours after this mask.
It's really strong, so it's a bit too drying for my jaw areas.
Highly recommended for those with very oily skin.

Kerastase (France)
Elixir Ultimate Oleo Complexe (3ml) *estimate value S$1.50
for all hair types

Touch In Sol (Korea)
TIS Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream (5ml) *estimate value S$3.40
for normal to dry skin

Neutrogena (Korea)
Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30 (5ml) *estimate value S$3.30
for all skin types

Ultimate Colla-gen (Korea)
2 sachets (9500mg each) total *estimate value S$5.85

I had tried a packet, almost tasteless with very slight taste of grape.

* The above estimate value of the products is my personal calculation which I derived by dividing the retail price with the sample's quantity.  Please note that it is just a guide line for my readers, not actual commercial value.

The above adds up to S$69.50 worth of beauty products!!
Which excludes Vanity mini magazine and door-step delivery!
*holding my Vanity Trove box giving it a few kisses*

心动不如行动, you may get your Vanity Trove beauty box at

Take note of the following dates for when you subscribe:

1st -14th:  Make you subscription HERE

14th: Subscription closes

21st to 25th: Expect your Vanity Trove!

25th to 31st:  Share your reviews of the products at www.vanitytrove.com  I will be posting up my reviews soon,  please follow me HERE ^^

Hope this review is useful to you all.
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