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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sweet Salty Spicy Thai Canteen at The RailWay Mall

Date of visit: 12 May 13

This post is a continuation from -

So, I managed to walked down from the Railway with my high wedges safe and sound.  But was suffering from mini heat-stroke, I felt so warm all over and was having a headache with severe hunger bangs -__-"

Back to The RailMall, which consists of rolls of eateries in small units;
and yeah, you can see from the below pic Coffee Bean is one of them.

Decided on this.

Sweet Salty Spicy Food Market & Thai Canteen.

Decor of the interior which we sat down.  It's really cool and my headache was gone after a few minutes of rest here.

 They occupied another unit but the interior was more vibrant with a painted red wall full of decors.

Lime drink S$5.00
Expensive, soooooo expensive, I had tried my best to stop my hubby from ordering this but he wouldn't listen.

 Tasting Platter S$26.00
Consist of deep fried soft shell crabs, black tofu rice rools, pomelo salad, rice crackers with spicy egg sauce.
The star of this platter turns out to be the spicy dip sauce, it's yummy and taste like our chilli crab sauce!
The sauce was good enough to make me ate more rice :P~~

Clear Tom Yam Soup S$12.00

Another over-charged item with 2 prawns, 2 pieces of straw mushrooms, some onions and tomatoes, that's it  -____-''

Total damage was $54.14 inclusive of 2 portion of rice charged at S$3.00.
The good and friendly service did not console our heart pain.
You may have the address although I doubt I'll visit again:

Sweet Salty Spicy Thai Canteen
3932/394 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Railway Mall
Singapore 678046
Tel: 6877 2544

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