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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Healing Touch Review


Dear readers and to whoever who found my blog "accidentally", you are really lucky....... cos' I am about to introduce to you a secretive place where you can relax and rest your fatigue body and mind......

Healing Touch at Tampines

Healing Touch Spa is "hidden" in Tampines CPF Building at the 5th floor.
Despite of it's subdued location, it's patronised by endless stream of customers.
Read on to find out why

Founded since 2001, Healing Touch  provides different types of body massages, body scrubs and facial.
According to more than 1K Facebook reviews, Healing Touch is most recommended for:

Sincere service with no hard selling
Meticilous and skillful therapists
Reasonable prices

Healing Touch have different types of massages to suit individual's needs:

* Thai Fussion Massage (oil free)
Works on acupressure points and energy meridians using finger-thumb pressure.  A vigorous and energizing experience where the therapist will hopped onto your bed and stretch your body with "cracking" techniques. Woo and ahhhhhh, moans with shiokness lolxx....

Shiatsu/Acupressure Massage (oil free)
Works on acupressure points and energy meridians using finger-thumb-palm pressure.  A vigorous and energizing experience.

* Deep Tissue Oil Massage
Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue through slow strokes and deep finger pressure across the fiber's of the muscles, tendons and fascia.  Recommended for people with very tensed and stiff muscles.

Javanese Fusion Oil Massage
Targets your body's major acupressure points with smooth yet firm rhythmic strokes to give you a mind and body relaxation experience.  Recommended for ladies who prefers gentle massage, you know that kind of soothing massage that kneads your way to dreamland?

* Asian Fusion Oil Massage
Healing Touch's SIGNATURE MASSAGE with variety of techniques inspired by popular traditional Asian massages fused into a seamless wave of healing touch.  Great for relief of tension, stiffness and body aches!

Prices are really reasonable:
1hr:  S$50 (S$53.50 with GST)
1.5hrs: S$75 (S$80.25 with GST)
2hrs: S$100 (S$107 with GST)

For extra pampering (optional), you may select premium grade massage oils imported from Australia, blended by certified Aromatherapist.
There are 4 types of heated aromatherapy oils and you may chose the fragrance you prefer!

S$10.00 (S$10.70 with GST) for 1hr session
S$13.50 (S$14.45 with GST) for 1.5hr session
S$15.00 (S$16.05 with GST) for 2hr session

This is optional as non-scented botanical massage oils are included in oil massages.

* Body Scrub 30mins S$35 (S$37.45 with GST)
Remove dead skin cells is the secret to beautiful glowing skin!  Highly recommended before a massage!

They have 2 types of scrubs:
* Sea salt scrubs - Lemongrass, Moisturising Rose & Herbal Ginger
(recommended for customers who more thick skinned prefers coarser grains for more effective scrub)

* Gentle scrubs - Grapefruit goatmilk, Apple Aloe Vera, Soothing Almond
(recommended for ladies with delicate skin)

The receptionist was very patient.  She explained to me in detail of the various choices I have and helped to select a set of body treatment suitable for me.  I told her I want a relaxing massage with aromatherapy oil which at the same time to relieve my stiff shoulders.  And would also like to have a body scrub for my thick and dry skin.

I sounded as if I got elephant's skin :X

She recommended a 60 mins Asian Fusion Oil Massage which is their most popular Signature Massage.  After a brief "oil sniffing" I choose Muscle Ache Relief Oil, it's minty with medicated scent.  As for the body scrub, I choose Lemongrass Sea Salt for my elephant's skin heehee.....

I was all ready for a 30mins body scrub follow by a 60mins Asian Fusion Oil Massage.
Image from https://www.facebook.com/healingtouchsg

Now, you all are so lucky, I posted a NAKED pic!
Scroll down!

Yay, I am naked!!  But I am afraid there's nothing seducing or even anything to see, cos' I looked like a baby elephant lolxx... oooops!
The therapist was doing a body scrub for me with Lemongrass Sea Salt.  She was meticulous, she asked if the scrub was too coarse for me, am I comfortable and was her strength sufficient after a few strokes to ensure that the body scrub session was an enjoyable one.

I felt so CLEAN after the body scrub!  Not that I never bath properly lah, but the scrub was very thorough. It's like you clean your house daily, but giving it a spring clean is totally different!  Spring cleaning my body with Lemongrass Sea Salt was so rejuvenating!!

After the scrub was 60mins "escape to heaven" Asian Fusion Massage.  The therapist's strength and skill was as if it's "tailored made" for my body.

Wonderful body massage + Dim lights + "dreamland" music with birds chirping = ULTIMATE PAMPERING

I walked out of Healing Touch feeling one ton lighter (I sounded more and more like an elephant lolxx...  )  Okay, I exaggerated, but I feel spiritually lighter and the massage did my aching shoulder and neck a great favour.  Not forgetting my smooth smooth squeaky clean skin, no more elephant's skin, heehee.....  I was a very happy jumbo customer!

We have only one body and it's our responsibility to take good care of it, give it some well deserved pampering so that it's healthy and free of aches.  Only with a healthy body, it can carry us farther to strive towards our goals!  My recommendation:

Healing Touch

Upper Thomson Branch
199 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6352 4657

Novena Branch
70 Thomson Road
Tel: 6255 3320

River Valley Branch
5 Tank Road, Nagarathar Building #01-01/02
Tel: 6737 1047

Tampines Branch
1 Tampines Central 5,
CPF Tampines Building #05-10
Tel: 6786 7695

Visit their web-site for more information: www.healingtouchspa.com/
"Like" their Facebook for latest updated: www.facebook.com/healingtouchsg


  1. Do they have a pre natal massage?

    1. I had checked and according to Mr Joshua Lung, CEO of Healing Touch, they don't do pre natal massage officially but some therapists know how to do so at the branch level we do take if customers want. At River Valley and Tampines branch. You can call them up to enquire ;)

  2. I never been to healing touch before. Certainly, it looks like I am going to check this out.

  3. Healing touch is the most relaxing activity I ever had. Your muscle will be stretch and slowly you have a peaceful mind. Thank you for sharing this thoughts!