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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Copping with Haze

For the past 3 days, Singapore was fogged with haze due to forest fires in Sumatra.  This has been Indonesia's "usual practise" which did not affect us since 1997 when the PSI was only 226 at it's max.

When everybody was kicking a big fuss out of the PSI level a few days ago,  I was like, seriously, why everybody got nothing better to do?  Updates of PSI level flooded the my entire Facebook and Twitter was really annoying.  I find the "kia si" attitude of Singaporeans were laughing stocks to the world.  But when I saw the PSI at more than 250 and increasing, I know it's not funny any more.

Tampines Ave 3, pic taken on 20 Jun 2013 11.30am

Hubby and junior King Luis are totally not affected.  My elder kid Darren describe the air as "buffy".  My eyes feels sore, couldn't wear contact lens for the time being.  Other than slight discomfort in breathing, nothing major in my family.  My worries are on my old father and young niece and nephew.  Meanwhile, I am trying to get some masks and air purifier for my family members.

Cloth masks may not be sufficient but it's better than nothing.
Currently wearing Hikosen Cara mask

While most people are monitoring the PSI level every single hour, circulating the latest index in social media, creates nothing but frustration.  It's not helping the situation at all.

With latest report from http://business.asiaone.com/news there were 187 and 173 hotspots detected over Sumatra on 18 and 19 June 2013 respectively.

My main concern will be:

Are they under control or spreading?
How long is situation going to persist?
Or at least is the direction of the wind going to change?

Can anybody out there answer my questions?  I am not interested in the PSI level now, damn it!

And adding "oil" onto fire with irresponsible remarks is not helping too:

Indonesian minister says Singapore "behaving like a small child" over haze.

  To make life slightly better, I boiled some lemon coke earlier on to clear the throat.
Simply pour coke and cut lemon slices into pot, brings to boil and that's it!

Just now, I asked my hubby, if I couldn't manage to get any masks how?
He told me use my bra!

Errr....... I suppose it's not a bad idea if someone's desparate!!
Of course try to use a chio ones lah, not those beige color Ah ma type please lolxx....
Just cut the cups apart, so that you can have 2 masks out of a bra, poke holes to allow elastic bands to loop onto ears, simple DIY lolxx...

And see!  It's wearable, cos' nobody will know it's made from a bra!  Genius or not!
Bra mask!!
But I just post to show only, didn't cut up my bra cos' I still want it, heeheeheee.....

I know everybody's moody at this time, but I hope I cracks a little smile on you for now.

Everybody, please take good care of yourselves and we hope to see clear blue sky soon.
Sengkang Riverside Park

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