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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Henderson Waves

Date of visit: 2 June 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I travelled a lonely journey from Tampines all the way to Alexandra Retail Centre at PSA Building, by MRT.  Yeah, cos' I was too poor to take a cab.
But I had insisted (and force hubby to fetch me back), so that I didn't have to suffer to and fro.
This place hor, damn ulu.  I was all alone and for a instance, it seemed endless.

Reached Onaka Restaurant at last where I finally see human.

So here's the Onaka chefs hosting the cooking workshop and here are some pics taken during the session.
I had actually whipped up some of the dishes demonstrated during the workshop at home and posted pics at Instagram @susan_wong, follow me ok ;)

Here's a memorable pic of Onaka chefs and me.
Love this pic, cos' I managed to look slimmer and the chefs are really friendly with no airs at all, heehee.....

But from my blog title, you know that the highlight of my day was somewhere else.....

My chauffeur aka hubby came to pick me up after this cooking workshop and suggested a impromptu trip to the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore which was nearby.  Other than that, he did not give me any further information.  Thrill and curiosity was throbbing in me.

However, a heavy down pour came so untimely -____-|||  He decided to drive to the bridge to show me how it looked like and promised to bring me there again on another day.  Our vehicle went under this huge wavy looking bridge and I was like "Wow...... so high up leh....... how come never know such a place exist in Singapore!"

By the time he droved up to Mount Faber where it's connected to the bridge, the rain stopped miraculously.

We decided to leave the car mini bus and start our "adventure".

Although I am a habitual high heel wearer, it's crazy and really tedious to walk up slope with them.
I took them off.  Gotten funny stares, but it didn't bother.

I could had insist on wearing my high heels looking beautiful if we chose to "pak tor" at a shopping mall.  But since I chose to walk up the slopes at Mount Faber, I know I need to take off my high heels.  It occurred to me that the same "logic" applies to life too, especially in 2 aspects - RELATIONSHIP and CAREER.

I had seen many people whom I know personally, clinging on to a "hollow" marriage.  It's like walking up Mount Faber on high heels.  Some refused to take off the "shoes", cos' self deny is easier than facing the truth that love has faded.  Some dare not take off the "shoes", cos' they are afraid to hurt their parents, their children or maybe even their own pride.  They rather endure the pain and risk spraining their ankles wearing those "shoes".   But how long can they "walk" on, I am afraid they don't know the answer either.

Like wise in jobs, people here working more than 12 hours is not uncommon.  They must be lying through their teeth, if they tell you they are happy with their jobs.  If a job sucks like high heels on high slopes, ditch it.  Life is so short and yet people can waste it on a torturous job.  Of course, such slogging will be necessary if you have 2 children in University, 2 siblings with medical condition and 2 elderly not fit to work at home.  If not, why put yourself in such torment?  It's totally no worth it especially when the company is making you to work long hours to save man power.

Some people can naively believe that  NOBODY can handle their cope of work, NOBODY can cover their duties, NOBODY can replace themselves, nobody nobody nobody.....  But the truth is, if you should die, your company will send a wrath to your funeral, and by the one month anniversary of your death, a new person will be seated on your chair.  The company will still be functioning, WITHOUT you.

Who's weeping for your death?  Who had lost you?  It's gonna be your family or friends whom you hardly spend time with.......

I feel for my friends who are in such plights, but there's nothing I can help, cos' they chose their paths.  I really should count my blessings......., so far so good with my the other half (touch wood).  I worked leisurely dolling people's nails, make sure I looked pretty in events, gets food tasting invitations, play with sponsored toys on my dressing table and get paid.  Contented although I am not making big bucks.

If a pair of shoes is not suitable, find another pair.  But for my case he gave his to me.
I was walking like a penguin in his big shoes.

And he got no patient to wait for me lolxx....

Me: "You want bring me up here, then bring a pair of slippers for me mah.  You see now we sharing a pair of crocs...."

He: "Aiyo, I never thought it mah, so you want to walk or not?  Don't want go home lah!"

Me: "Walk lah walk lah.  But damn stupid, everybody's looking at me like I siao like that...."

He: "Hur hur.... this is going to be unforgettable, you got something to blog about liao."

Me: " #$@%*....... yeah..."

Here's some pics taken during my "penguin walk"

 Saw many squirrels hopping around the trees, managed to catch one in the camera. 

The bridge's name is called Henderson Waves.

I feel like a primary school kid going to excursion :X

We made it just in time before sunset!
Returned hubby's shoes, enjoyed walking bare footed on the Henderson Waves.

Snapped a few vain pot pics but most turned out with fats over flow, so here's a better looking one >.<

We were so high up......

View the bridge.

I was glad I made it up here at Henderson Waves although I was in wrong attire and shoes.

On our way back, saw 2 cars parked on the double yellow line obstructing the road.
The tourist bus driver didn't want to risk it, so got stuck.

As a result of 2 brainless and inconsiderate drivers parking on double yellow line, the entire road for driving down was blocked.  Vehicles were stopped from driving up cos' the lane had to be cleared for drivers to drive down.  I hoped these 2 jerks were heavily fined, heehee......

Here's some information I gotten from the web-site

Singapore may be small, but there are still some places worth exploring.  This is perhaps one of the best place you can embrace and enjoy the blue sky, if the haze is not coming back.  Especially with the right person, the feeling will be right.


  1. Hi, I have been following your blog for a while. I do agree with you that life is not all about work, being truly happy and healthy is what that matters.

    P.s where did you get the colourful heels? It's really cute!

    1. Hi Reika,

      Thank you very much for your support. I need more readers like you to keep this little blog of mine going! Gotten the heels from KIYO at Tampines One ;)

  2. I have been to the Henderson Waves a few times. You can begin at the start point opposite Hort Park and walk till the exit at maybe Telok Blangah and hop on a bus to Vivocity. A side note, the last time I knew, Hort Park sells CNY florals before CNY so maybe you can head there on your next hike. Henderson Waves is a beautiful place and I highly recommend to visit it in early morning, with a companion. The place is rather remote.

    Cheers, Shirley

    1. Waaa.... thank you for your comment and it's very informative for me =D Yes, I'll be visiting again, with proper shoes and attire this time, want to explore more!