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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

厨道 Chu Dao Chinese Cuisine


Nowadays the insane hot weather is killing me.  I almost turn into a vampire which is only active when the sun sets.  When I receive this lunch invitation, vampire me was lured out not by blood of course, was lured by Peking Duck:

厨道 Chu Dao Chinese Cuisine is located in Joo Chiat Place at one of the shophouses.  Similar to Teck Chye Terrace, Joo Chiat Place has rows and rows of restaurants/eateries.  I can be sure I will visit again to eat explore more.

There's a open carpark opposite of Chu Dao, pretty convenient for those who drives.  For those who doesn't, there's a bus-stop with bus no. 33 which is less than 2 mins walking distant away.

Peking Ducks displayed at the glass panel was fatal attraction to me.

Royal purple posh chairs created a elegant ambience to the restaurant.

Oriential settings awaiting for dishes to be serve.

Like many restaurants, starters are served for customers to nibble on while waiting for the mains.
Pickled cold cucumber/carrot was extremely refreshing for this warm weather.

Lychee Wood Barbecued Peking Duck
Half Duck S$38.00, Full Duck S$68.00
The above small portion is specially prepared for bloggers' food tasting.

Look at the divine color of crisp, I don't think I need any more words to describe it =P~~~
Peking Duck was served in 3-ways, the above was crispy skin slices and meat slices with skin.

The skin slices were skillfully prepared without any fats beneath.  Mr Sam Lee, the restaurant manager recommended skin slices to be dipped with sugar, but I prefer to enjoy it on it's own.
It's crispy + aromatic = SATISFACTION

Meat slices recommended to be eaten with savoury brown sauce, cucumber and spring onions rolled up with rice skin.

I still prefer omelette skins though.

Last but not least, the 3-way of eating Peking Duck, stir fried in dark sauce ^^

How does Peking Duck at 厨道 Chu Dao Chinese Cuisine differs from others?
The answer is:
Lychee Wood
橱道 Chu Dao uses Lychee Wood instead of charcoal to prepare their Peking Duck.
In this way, the natural of taste duck meat will not be taken over by strong smoke of charcoal, leaving duck meat succulent and palatable.

I sniffed and sniffed but no lychee smell from the wood lolxxx.....

Boiled Japan Jyounsai with Groupa Fillet S$6 per serving.
It's a milky chicken broth with generous groupa fish fillet with lots of shiitake mushrooms and little cubes of water chestnuts.  Didn't see any Jyounsai (lake weed) inside though O_o  Nevertheless it's a delightful soup without any fishy smell at all!

笋壳 Marble Goby Baked in Claypot
seasonal price, estimated price for this 600g goby is S$54
The aroma filled and surrounded the entire table as soon as the claypot's lid was opened!
It looked messy, but trust me, it's ridiculously delicious!

Marble Goby is one of my favourite fish and I had tried various recipes in steam or fried.
Claypot was the first time!  I was so so so so very the excited that I shamelessly "chopped" the fish head.

还看我?!? 再看我就把你给吃了!waahaaahaaa.......

I hereby disclose the BEST PART of a Marble Goby:  it's cheeks!

It's smooth like tofu and yet springy at the same time.  It's the most tender part of the entire fish!
Close-up pic of the chubby marble goby cheek! :P~~~
Slurps into my mouth, heehee......

I was kind enough to let the Elgena to have the other cheek, and she went "Mmmmmmm....." nodding her head lolxxx...... However, there's only 2 cheeks in a Marble Goby fish.  If you "failed" to get the chubby cheeks, "target" the fish tail.  Fish swims with it's tail (obviously), so it's the most active part on a fish, thus the flesh near the tail is also the most "bouncy".  Thank for me sharing with you guys on how to devour a fish and you are welcome, heehee.....

As the Marble Goby was live, only very simple and common ingredients were needed to enhance it's freshness.

I would include this dish as another MUST ORDER besides the Lychee Wood Peking Duck!

Veg in wok-fried X.O. Chilli Sauce S$14.00
This slightly spicy dish came in just nice after the subtle Claypot Marble Goby.

Home-made Egg Beancurd with Shrimp Paste, Crab Meat & Roe in PiPa Style S$12.00

Crab meat and roe sauce for the Egg Beancurd & Shrimp Paste Pipa tofu.

Pipa tofu was fried till golden brown coated with flour.  The mild taste of fillings goes well with slightly saltish sauce.

Desserts were served!

Chilled 桂花 Osmanthus Jelly and Barley Winter Melon Jelly S$3.80 each.
Osmanthus Jelly would be great for those who prefers sweet desserts while Barley Winter Melon Jelly was more refreshing.

Many thanks to Mr Sam Lee, here's a group pic of us with Elgena and me.

Ends blog post with address as usual:

厨道 Chu Dao Chinese Cuisine
45 Joo Chiat Place #01-01
Singapore 427769
Tel: 6344 1925
Open Daily - Lunch 11.30am - 2.30pm
Dinner 6.00pm - 11.00pm

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