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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wan He Lou 万合楼


Haze was really bad a few days ago, but life went on.  No good air, at least go for GOOD FOOD!
Image from https://www.facebook.com/WanHeLou

So here's my OOTD to Wan He Lou 万合楼 food tasting:
Turquoise top - Bangkok
Black layered shorts - Osmose
Belt and heels - Charles and Keith
Bag - Toscano
Last but not least Hikosen Cara mask with Biomask beneath.

Wan He Lou 万合楼 is less than 10 mins walk from Lavendar MRT.

Uncluttered interior finishes sets a comfortable causal dining ambience.

Wan He Lou 万合楼 serves chinese cuisine with lobster as their speciality.

Before the food tasting, thoughtful boss Mr Vincent Cheong served us this cool and refreshing juice, just what we needed to "fight" against haze!

Vegetable Juice S$2.50
Ingredients used for this juice are chye sim, pineapple and sour plum.  No sugar added!
I liked it very much and finished every drop of it ^_^

Crispy Seafood Delight & Otah with Crepe S$10.90/S$17.90

Deep fried Groupa Fish with Pomelo Sauce S$19.90/S$32.90

Signature stuffed Chicken Wings (price not available)

It's boneless and flavourful!  Yummy!

But I couldn't ditch the habit of eating chicken wings with hand lolxx....

Garlic shoots wrap in Kurobuta Pork S$14.90

Soya Bean Curd with Crab meat S$13.90/S$19.90/S$29.90
This delicate soya bean curd dish is hand made by the chef.  Spinach is added to give color and more nutrition.  Generous toppings of crab meat makes this dish irresistible.  Suitable for everybody at all ages in the family!

Stir fried French Beans with Dried Shrimps S$8.90/S$15.90

Crispy Lotus Root with Salted Egg S$10.90/S$18.90
It my first time trying lotus root out of soup and I LOVE it!
The thin slices of lotus root were surprisingly crispy.  Lotus root being bland in nature became good partner with salted egg.  I would consider this an addictive dish which goes well with rice or porridge.

King Prawns with San Zha Sauce S$15.90/S$25.90/S$35.90
They were so big and fat that when I sunk my teeth into the bouncy prawn meat, I was in coma.  Yeah..... I know you are drooling.

Wan He Lou 万合楼  have 7 cooking methods for prawns as below.  So you may order to suit your taste.
My preference?  I like Drunken Style or Salt & Pepper, so that I can indulge in the natural flavour of fresh prawns :P~~

Introducing King Prawn's cousin - LOBSTER.

Behold,  万合楼 Wan He Lou's Signature Lobster Porridge.

Love lobsters especially when they are big and fresh!

I topped my porridge with Crispy Lotus Root with Salted Egg, blissful was how I felt when I was holding this warm bowl of porridge.

Wan He Lou 万合楼 is certainly a great place to pamper your taste buds without burning your pocket.
NO GST and NO SERVICE charge!

Bloggers group photo with Mr Vincent Cheong (founder of Wan He Lou 万合楼)
This food tasting session was the most auspicious and joyous event ever, cos' the haze was gone with clear blue sky when we took this picture!

Wan He Lou 万合楼
65 Maude Road (nearest MRT Lavendar and Farrer Park)
Tel: 6294 8057
Email: sales@wanhelou.com

Opening Hours: 11.00am -2.30pm (Lunch), 5.00pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)
Mon - Sun

"Like" their Facebook for more updates and promotions:

Special thanks to Wan He Lou 万合楼 and Street Directory for the invitation.

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