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Thursday, 10 January 2013

"Make Me Look Good" Workshop by Art of Beaute


Attended Make Me Look Good Workshop conducted by Ms Jorina Khoo from Art of Beaute.  2 of my girlfriends came with me to learn from the expert on skincare and make-up.

All participants gotten a head band with hearts as a door gift.

Beauty workshop using USA brand, Mary Kay skincare and cosmetics.

A little more about Mary Kay -

* They are established since 1963, majority of ingredients in products are botanical extracts and pure minerals.

No fragrance except for shower cream and hand exfoliation.

* Each product is tested for 21 months before launching to the market to ensure quality, safety as well as effective performance for users.

* NO animal testing or animal derivatives are used in its ingredients.

Mary Kay's mineral cosmetics.

Lip colors

We started off with a hand scrub using
Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub (220g)

Contain fine exfoliating beads, it's very gentle on my skin with a pleasant mild fragrance of peach.
After the scrub, we applied hand cream to complete our mini hand spa.

Satin Hands Hand Cream (85g)
After hands pampering, we moved up to our face.
Be warned, naked face pics ahead

Botanical Effects 3-in-1 cleanse Formula 2 (113g)

This facial cleanser removes makeup and impurities without leaving "tight" and dry feeling.
It claims to contain special antioxidant-rich botanical complex which is suitable for sensitive skin.

Ms Joey Song (Jorina's mentor) applying Eye Revitalizer for me.
It claims to diminish dark circles and undereye puffiness.
Ophthalmologist-tested, it's suitable for contact lens wearers too!

TimeWise Eye Revitalizer (10ml)

Next we applied the Soothing Eye Gel.
Totally love this non-greasy gel on my eyes!
It feels cooling and very soothing on the eyes indeed!

Indulge Soothing Eye Gel (11g)
Jorina and Joey, our professional beauty consultants were around to teach us how to apply the eye gel in gentle tapping motion.
Screamed in shock when one of my girlfriend went "rubbing" the gel on her eye area in left-right directions!!

Good products needs correct application methods to achieve maximum results
 and not just anyhow "bua" like kaya on our face.
That's something very important we had learnt from this workshop!

Next, Ms Jorina applied a firming eye cream for me.

Joey was enjoying the workshop as much as we did!
 Christine in totally comfort zone, heehee......

Eye patch given to mask eye area.......

Does it remind you of this breed of doggie?
LOLxx.....  But I prefer cats, so....

 Botanical Effects Mask (113g)

This beauty workshop had "transformed" me from patched eye doggie to single eye kitty to........
Phantom of the Operaaaaaaaaa haahaahaahaa
This was the craziest beauty workshop I had ever attended!

Sherie and me with half of our faces with Botanical Effects Mask :P

After making a mess out of the face mask, I continued with lip mask.
Yes, you are seeing it correct LIP MASK!!
I never know lip mask exist in the market!

Satin Lips Lip Mask (8g)

We were told to apply on our lower lips so that we could compare with our upper lip later.
I was "disobedient",  I had never had lip mask in my entire life, it was too good to be true......
I applied on my entire lips =P
 and I looked so funny >.< waahaahaa....... 

Jorina was amused by our 大花脸 (messy faces), heehee....

After about 10mins, everybody removed the masks.
And we went "kaypo" around looking at each other's face.
Visible improvements can be easily spotted on everybody's face!

Here's mine ~~
My face and lips felt smoother too, although it couldn't be tell from the photo.
Woooooohooooooo!!!  Happy with the results!!!

But I'd die if the workshop end here.
"Part 2" of  Make Me Look Good Workshop
Make-up using Mary Kay's mineral cosmetics :))

Before the make-up, we prepared our skin with:

Botanical Effects Hydrate (88ml)

Foundation Primer (29ml)

Eye Primer (8.5g)

Jorina doing a demo on Anna

Sherie in satisfied "self-admire" mode and Anna merrily applying mascara.

I found something interesting......,
Mary Kay's crayon eyeliner comes with a super mini sharpener on it's cap!
It's genius!

Glides smoothly, had my make-up on for more than 4 hours and it did not smudge.
The eye primer could had play a part for the long lasting effect.
Selling at S$18, value for money!!

Caught in action putting on my fake lashes.

Bought home my 2 favourite products -
Botanical Effects Mask and my first Lip Mask ever from Mary Kay after the workshop!

Colors used on me were:
Mineral Powder Foundation #Ivory 2 - S$35
Mineral Eye Color #Chocolate Kiss and #Honey Spice - S$13 each
Cream Blush #cranberry - S$28
Creme Lipstick #Pink Satin - S$25
NouriShine Lip Gloss #Pink Parfait -  S$25 (HerWorld Beauty Awards 2012)

Sherie and me finally done with our make-up, can face the camera with confidence liao!

Just a side note, which I think is very important:  I was the one who initiated and raise up on purchasing of the products cos' I really like them a lot after trying.  The beauty consultants did not mention about sales of products.  Totally NO pestering, NO hard-selling, NO pressure, NO nonsense.  This is what I call PROFESSIONALISM and I was very impressed!

Pic with our professional beauty consultant, Ms Jorina Khoo.

Last but not least a happy group photo ^.^

Need to improve your complexion but not sure how to go about daily regime?

Had always envy other ladies (like me, heehee...) with beautiful make-up but not sure how to?

Want to give yourself a new look during this coming Chinese New Year?

Wish to enjoy this beauty workshop too?

If your answer is YES to any one of the above or YES to all of the above, you deserve this beauty workshop because you are my reader and you are worth it!

We are giving away
Complimentary Beauty Workshop
(worth S$150 per person)
from Art of Beaute

* Drop a comment at the end of this post to thank me (okay, this is optional, heehee......)

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* Email artofbeaute@gmail.com with subject title "FAN OF SUSAN WONG"  by 31 Jan 2013 to book an appointment for a Complimentary Beauty Workshop by Art of Beaute!

About Art of Beaute

Art of Beaute offers workshops, beauty consultation, makeovers, pampering parties for both male and female.  For more privacy, 1 to 1 session can be arrange.  If you like it merrier with friends, it can be arranged too.  Beauty sessions can be host at comfort of your home, offices or venue of your party.

Does that gives you an idea of what to have for hen-parties?  Isn't it great that brides maids, sisters and all females involved in your wedding can have a beauty session and look fabulous on your wedding?

It can be a nice treat for your girlfriend, boyfriend/hubby, I think it's going to be the best treat for busy mothers who had been neglecting themselves too.

If you are a boss, this beauty workshop can be a an incentive treat for employees!

Art of Beaute provides other services such as:
- Business sponsorship
- Business collaboration
- Event makeovers
- Wedding makeovers

For lucky babes who had sign up for this Compliementary Beauty Workshop, I am sure you will enjoy the beauty workshop just like we did.  Those who missed this offer but are interested, please email artofbeaute@gmail.com for further enquires or contact our professional friendly beauty consultant Ms Jorina Khoo 9625 8209.

End post with another vain pic of me wearing Mary Kay's colors ^.^


  1. Hi :) Your new fringe look better on you :)
    Refreshing change to welcome the new year huh ?

    Btw have you tried cakes at paris baguette ?

    1. Thank you for your compliment, but I am talking about beauty workshop here, so I don't see how it links to cakes in anyway???

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Susan! Would love to attend this workshop! Hehe ^‿^

    1. Hope to see your blog review on this workshop soon! Cheers!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Yes i would want to attend this workshop!

    1. Great! Enjoy, learn basic skin care and make-up from this workshop and be 美美 for this coming CNY!! And thank you for reading my blog <3

  4. Thanks for sharing!!! Would love to attend the workshop :D

    1. Thank you for popping by, enjoy the workshop! ;)

  5. I already email and really thank you :) hope to be pretty pretty for this upcoming new year ! :D

    1. You are already pretty to begin with, so..... you are going to be ravishing after the workshop!!