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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Nail Salon's New Look!

Unintentionally, I revamped my little nail salon.  If you want a new look for your room or perhaps just a little something to refreshen up, this post may give you some ideas :D

The last time we painted our house was more than 7 years ago :X  Both my hubby and I was just too lazy although the walls and ceiling were turning mouldy and yellow.  I decided that Xmas day shall be the day!    I suppose it's the best time as 1 Jan 2013 was around the corner, with long weekends etc.., so we got plenty of time to play with.

The hardware cum paint shop was very crowded.  Everybody's intention was to give a new coat before the Chinese New Year.  For us, we will just take our own sweet time.  But my nail's room would have to be done ASAP so as not to affect my customers.

Xmas parties were for youngsters, painting were for uncle and obasan me >.<
So while everybody was flooding pics of feasts and pubs and went "MERRY XMAS!!!", I was like urrrgg..............
I removed the "CASH TERM" sign board liao, although once in a blue moon, there are brainless people who asked if I except NETs or credit card for my nail service.  Me earning peanuts, how to afford NETs or credit card machine??

As you can see the previous old color was light blue.

Used Nippon's Odourless Sandcastle #1107
I liked yellow, but the color was over bearing against my brown black furnitures.
I had bought dark blue curtains which didn't seemed to match as expected.

My home nail salon was converted from a study room and I had been using my brown black furnitures ever since I started out more than 7 years ago.

The bookshelve which I used to store most stuffs for manicure.

The study table which I used to put my mini player, UV sanitizer, magazines and lots of  other rubbish.

The side table's main "job" was to hold the racks of OPI polishes.

After having this room painted in yellow, I just had a sudden urge to change all the furnitures.  Cos' the yellow made the furnitures looked dirty.  It was an impulsive decision, but no regrets.  My main concern was set of furnitures were still in good condition, I really couldn't bear to dump them away just like this when they could be useful.

Salvation Army was on Xmas holiday, nobody picked the phone -____-  So I tried my luck by posting the above 3 pics on Facebook. Thank heaven thank earth, I gotten a response almost immediately and these 3 furnitures found new owners and were loaded away by a lorry the very next day!

Once the old furnitures were gone, war zone began.
Pic taken while I was sitting on the pedicure couch in despair and exhaustion.

During that period of time, I happened to have a few events to attend while juggling with usual nail appointments.  On top of that, date of school reopen was drawing closer and closer, had to settle my kids stationery and books.  Was busy till breathless, totally pissed off when I hear people "complain" they very free, got nothing to do, I wish I could buy their time over for my own use.

My salon looked like these for a couple of days.

The first new item which came into the room were curtains from Ikea.
In fact, my nail room can almost pass off as a Ikea showroom, heehee.....

Sheer white with rose prints - Alvine S$14.90 (2 panels/pack)
White with pink rose prints - Emmie S$29.90 (2panels/pack)
Pink/White fake roses - Avbruten Napkin Ring (4pcs/pack)

Please praise me for my creativity.  I tied napkin rings onto curtains as decoration ;P

Other colors are available, I bought 7 packs of light pink and white to go with the color scheme of my room.

Billy Bookcase 80 X 106cm S$59
Where nail magazines and albums are neatly placed for easy browsing.
By the way, do you like the Domo couple?  Oh yes, Hikosen Cara cat is peeking from the pedi couch, heehee.....
The trolley was bought from Ikea too, but no longer available.

Nail photo albums were originally black.

I wrapped them in white and pink wrapping papers cos' don't like the blacks to spoil the sweet look.
Wrappers from Daiso, cheap cheap but good good.

Besides the bookcase was storage for towels and other miscellaneous items.
Rack unit from Ikea as well, bought a couple of years ago.

So this is how the room looks like now when you are standing at the door looking at the left.
Cream swivel chairs - Snille S$35 each

Previously was this black chair with torn leather :X

Lack TV Bench S$69 which sits nicely below my romantic window.
Cabinet with 2 drawers was handed down by my sister, not sure of the price but I think it's still available in Ikea.

The narrow storage space beneath is perfect for my little pots and tubs of colors.

My couple of Samla storage boxes are hidden perfectly inside too.

Evalill Tea Towel S$8.90 (2pcs/pack)
Comes in checked pink and rose prints.

I don't need tea towels to cover bread, I need them to cover my cabinet......

my nail vaccum.....

and my toaster sanitizer ^.^
Rose white tin S$6.90 (3pcs in different sizes with lids per pack)
To "hao lian" (show-off) a little, the roses on the wooden CD-case were painted by me.
Yes, I am very talented and artistic inclined, thank you.
(but totally sucks in academic results, didn't even score well for my 'O' levels)

Fixing the metal leg for Micke desk was a headache.
Long screw got stuck, couldn't pull out, couldn't screw in....... sigh.....

Hubby carried the leg like a handbag back to Ikea Tampines.
Luckily it's only about 3 mins drive from my place.
Even the Ikea worker got problem with that difficult screw, but was solved eventually.

Fixed the metal leg onto the rest......

Taaa lah!! Micke table S$99 for my OPI polishes.
The polish racks were from Ikea too, but not available any more.

Previous look (not sure what's my iron doing there >.<)

I am sure glad that the revamp did not cost too much damage to my wallet -

This is the view from the entrance.  Pretty or not?

Totally in love with my rose garden nail salon now  :D

Will do another blog post on about how I DIY-ed the curtain charms using Swarovski Elements.
Stay tuned!!

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