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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Joy + Suay-ness in Dec 2013

A summary of what had I been doing in Dec 2013 ~~

1 - 11 Dec
Juggling with nails, attended a couple of blogging events, airing winter wears to make sure they don't smell and pack the luggages until I shag.

12 - 19 Dec
Went for a 8 days tour to Beijing with family.  Temperature between -3 to 5 degree, but it was so dry that it didn't snow, wtf.  A visit to a ski resort with man-made snow was the only "console".

Managed to look quite glam without shaving my armpits for 8 good days lolxx...

Had seen The Great Wall, Tian An Men and Palace on TV numerous times ever since I was child.  When they stood right in front of me, I felt as if I walked into TV, the familiar yet strange feeling was indescribable joy.  Everything is magnificent with aged beauty of more than hundreds and thousands of years of history.

I will blog about this trip in detail before memory fades away.

On the second day while visiting 紫禁城 palace, I fell on a slippery slope.  My first reaction was to press my hand on the floor to prevent myself from landing on my butt.  The pressure was too great and I sprained my right wrist a little.  The pain subsided after a short while and I continued my explore happily.  In fact, I forgotten about it.  The "jia liat" part happened on the last day where I sprained it again while pulling my stupid luggage out of the hotel room for check out.  That's it.

20 Dec
Touched down Singapore around 5.40am wee morning.  After catching some sleep, went my trust worthy Ho Hong Meng Chinese Physician to bandage and secure my wobbly wrist.  Heng arh, can claim insurance.

 Then out I went to Copthorne King's Hotel for corporate nail service in the evening.  Yes, still can paint nails.  A few ladies were very nice to show their concern, I assured them I was alright ^^
Sooooooo...... tired, but I need to build up my portfolio and earn some keeps.  Many people envy self-employed, but 手停口停 you know.

21 Dec
Went for facial at Sylvia Skin Atelier which my bandage hand.  My skin was really bad after the trip.  Skin peels and yet oozes out oil like nobody's business.  I looked hideous >.<

Had a Christmas gathering at my kid sister's place.  Decent Sakae Sushi platters and a very special Lychee Log Cake from Pine Garden Bakery.
Ended my day pass 12am, again.

22 Dec
I spend my day packing up.  As much as I like to clear up all the rubbish, my hand just won't allow it.

Did a set of nails in the evening.  Hand pain.....

23 Dec
I called this day Susan 受难日.  Didn't know the rain was heavy, shared an umbrella with 2 sons.  We were semi-wet reporting to Tampines Sec School at 9am.  Yes, King Luis made it into the same school with his brother Darren.

Darren was such a darling to help us with most of the books, Luis and me (half handicap) really can't cope with the heavy load.  Had breakfast at Wendy's, not fantastic but we were warm with shelter for a while.  Brave through the wind and rain again to the ATM (not enough money to buy uniform) and back to the school.  I was WET, COLD, PAINFUL (wrist), HEAVY (books).   Call me pampered but I was never in such a pathetic plight.  But King Luis being able to get into Tampines Sec and filial act of Darren made my heart beaming with joy.  What more can a mother ask for....

By the time I reached home, I was about to die of fatigue.  I kept my last breath to nag and nag at hubby for not fetching us around.

Hubby:  Aiyo, like that my fault lah?

Me:  Of course your fault lah!  You know the books so heavy, then my shoes soaking wet ...... I walked so far to the stupid ATM  %$#@&...........

Hubby: *face palm, walks away*

I know very well it's not his fault, he needs to work.  I just have to vent my frustration and want somebody to acknowledge my suffers.  And always, the person who kena is hubby.  I guess is the same to everybody, the closest person always gets the most shit from us.

Had an appointment at 3pm, which was too much for me deal with.  The pain on my wrist got worst.

This is likely the last set of nails I had done for 2013.

After sending off my customer, went back to bandage my wrist again.  PaIn pAiN PAIN!!  Most unwilling to cancel this year's nails appointments, but I am left with no choice in this condition.  Hope that I'll recover fast enough to take in CNY nails appointments else I can forget about shopping in Bangkok at March 2014.

24 - 31 Dec
Taking a break to ease my body aches and rest my 猪手.   Not going anywhere for Christmas, I was out so much until I scared already.  I just want to hibernate.

Meanwhile put away all the old books and prepare my kids for school reopen.  Foresee new challenges in 2014, need more strength to move on!

Lastly Merry Christmas to my readers!
Treasure and be grateful to people us, strive hard for our goals, hold on to happiness with our palms!

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  1. What happened to your wrist?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.