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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tastes of Asia at Sentosa

Date of visit: 26.10.2013

This post is a continuation from HERE.

The sun was scotching hot and we were hungry.

There were some open concept food vendors as we walked along siloso beach.  But I needed aircon for dear life, else I'll melt into a pool of blood fats.  Getting back to Singapore mainland at nearest Vivo City for blasting cool aircon and various dinning choices was the easiest and fastest, we supposed.

But on our way to pick up our transport, we chanced upon Tastes of Asia which was next to iFLY Singapore.
It's aircon-ed!  我们有救了!Waahaahaaa.....

Took a peep at the menu, quite a decent range of dishes to chose from without slit throat prices.

No need to hesitate liao, we walked in and instantly "Phew..... 凉啊凉....."
Vintage marble table and chairs sets a causal dinning ambience.

 Cucumber Tea (top left with a cucumber sticking out) S$2.50 - Refreshing and not too sweet.  Love it ^^
Calamansi Juice  (top right yellow drink) S$3.00 - A little too sweet.
Lemongrass Ginger Tea (bottom) S$2.50

Beef Pho S$7.80
Got beansprouts, picked them all out before eating >.<  

Nothing to wow about but it came pipping hot and the portion was filling enough.  Thin slices of beef was tender and the broth was quite tasty.

Ayam Penyet S$7.80
Chilli was really spicy!  Quite a decent plate ^_^

Chicken Briyani $9.80
The whole plate was wiped out :P~~

Serving was fast, standard of food was pretty good like any food courts.  Located in Sentosa, a tourist spot, I would consider the prices reasonable.

Simple lunch couldn't be great without Priscilla.  She's someone I can talk to really comfortably.

Tastes of Asia
33 Allanbrooke Road
Singapore 099892
Tel: 6275 0388

End this short post with a pic I took before leaving Sentosa.

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