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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Be-dazzled Make-up Workshop by Pro Academy


Attended Christmas Countdown celebration "Be-dazzled Make-up" Workshop held by Pro Academy at Chic Kiss Love.

I ended up shopping before the workshop started.
Bought this peplum top for only S$17.60.
(ps. white patches on the mirror, not my skirt >.<)

Free belt with above S$15 of purchase.  Chose a pink belt with tinsel.
It's a steal, laugh until teeth drop ;D

Image from www.facebook.com/NuffnangSG

Pro Academy uses Serge Louis Alvarez (SLA) professional organic make-up from France.

Hands-on was great fun with pointers from Ms Linda Kuo, the Associate Trainer of  Pro Academy.

Ms Linda Kuo did eye make-up demo on our fellow nuffnang blogger.

 So happy when it was my turn!  Did sexy smokey eyes....
Photo credit and special thanks CK Chai for these clear photos.

...... with long winged eye-liner..... WOOT!  Though I looked a bit 打鸟 (crossed-eye) over here lolxx....
Photo credit CK Chai

Managed to grasp some tips for putting on eye-liners and blushers.
Photo credit CK Chai

Happy pic with Carman.

With Ms Linda Kuo, Associate Trainer with Pro Academy.
Born in Taiwan, Ms Linda Kuo, her profession prepares students for internationally recognized UK CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) Certificate for Fashion & Photographic Makeup.

In 2000 to 2005, her career made greater heights California and Los Angeles.  Settled in Singapore 7 years ago, Ms Linda Kuo passion in makeup has developed a client portfolio, creating beautiful faces for print, TV and corporate clients.

Christmas gift from Pro Academy - Duo eye shadow palette and glitter eye liner ^^

Happiness doubled up with goodie bag from Chic Kiss Love containing an exclusive Black Box.
Image from www.facebook.com/NuffnangSG

"Be-dazzled Make-up" workshop ended with a group pic with fellow Nuffnang bloggers.
Image from www.facebook.com/NuffnangSG

Makeup is not a must, but an essential skill to women.  It boosts a lady's confidence, portraits a well-groom and professional image.  Makeup is as good as magic, transforms a girl to a woman, an ugly duckling into a swan, a beautiful girl into a goddess, for my case - 

An auntie into ...... a super young looking auntie, 有木有?  Heehee.....

Hoping to pick up some basic and daily makeup skills or pursue a career in makeup industry, you may look at Pro Academy.
For more information, click in~~

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