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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Little Guilin Park

Date of visit: 15.11.2014

Visited Little Guilin Park first time in my life.  It's a little ironic as a Singaporean lolxx...

It is located in Bukit Gombak, at Bukit Batok East Ave 5, a stone throw away from Bukit Gombak MRT Station.

The area is very small, 10 mins of photo-taking, a little time to sit back and admire the mini granite quarry, we were all done in less than half an hour.

Nevertheless, the pics turned out very scenic with that out of Singapore feel.

After we were done, strolled along Bukit Batok East Park Connector.  Nice plants along the roadside but we were quite disturbed busy vehicles that passed by every now and then.  Even breathing had to be cautious, fumes couldn't be avoided 100%.

We later had a good lunch at Mayim at West Mall.

We had LIVE DRAMA from a young couple next to our table which was barely a meter away from us.  The male was in a suit and super shiny patent shoes.  I hate those shoes, I called them Playboy Shoes.  He had his Iphone 6plus and big big Samsung with a not sure fat or not wallet stacked up on the table, very 霸气 and "flashy" sia.  The girl was innocent looking, didn't spot any branded stuffs on her :X

Initially we thought he was a insurance or house agent trying his best to close a deal over a lunch, but as we listened on, it's more interesting than we thought!

He tried to impressive the girl by narrating to her (and us) about how hard working he was, and how complicated his family was with his dad having 2 wives, how the second wife beaten him when he was a child etc....  The girl ate quietly, nodded occasionally, not sure if she was impressed or touched.  To me, his story was high fabricated lolxx....

Hubby and I could only communicate and LOL through whatsapp with eye signals (if we could hear them so clearly, we were sure we didn't want them to hear us, so zipped mouth, let our fingers do the talking, heeheeehee....)

Papa: He like story teller.
Me: I don't buy his story man, you believe his story?

Continue to eat....... then pick up phone to whatsapp again....

Papa:  Only he himself know, the girl never say anything.
Me: You think the girl believe him?
Papa: Hard to say.  Just now he asked what the girl wants to eat, she said 随便, then the guy just order without asking her what she likes or doesn't like to eat.  No good.
Me: lolxx... that's not nice sia.

And we repeated this stunt throughout the meal, waahaaahaaahaaa....  This was really crazy!

By the end of the lunch, our stomach were cramped from tahan-ing laughters and we had the best time ever bitching about the "drama" on our way back to Tampines.  We could only hope that the guy wasn't harboring any wicked intentions, 祝幸福吧!

Human are more complicated, it's not easy to see thorough their true colors and life is more than 50 shades of grey.

There are already more than 50 shades of brown at the granite quarry and another 50 shades of green surrounding Little Guilin Park.

To "hook" a rich prince charming is every young girl's dream (it was mine too).  But in reality, what's most important is to find a person who's sincere and is willing to spend time with you and not just spend money on you.  So girls, don't be blinded by words or appearances, observe carefully, never rush when choosing a partner.

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