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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Siam Society at Jalan Riang


I love thai food, I am sure many of you does too!  Thai dishes are as familiar as our local zhi char dishes to most of us, we don't need any special occasion to eat them.

Since 2 years ago, we always pop by at Soi Thai in Tampines (my turf), often in slippers and shabby t-shirt. Cravings easily satisfied without burns in pocket.  I did a short review HERE.  With a competitor a few shops away, Soi Thai just got better with growing customer base made up of students from poly and neighbourhood uncles and aunties (like me!).

Below pics taken on our last visit to Soi Thai not too long ago =P~~~

You guys must be wondering why am I talking about Soi Thai when my title is Siam Society, heehee.....  Cos' both are opened by the same bosses!

Siam Society is an atas version of Soi Thai!   Siam Society was made bigger, with air conditional environment where diners can linger with wine or beer, also offering more dishes in their menu with more extensive seafood.   Bringing over from Soi Thai, was the warm and swift service!

Now, you are to see saliva inducing photos, be warned!

Double or perhaps triple the size of Soi Thai, Siam Society was packed with people when we arrived on a Friday evening.

Interior was kept simple, freshen up with greens.

Here's our spread and it's only part of it!
White ceramic wares with blue trimmings was very photogenic.

Lemon Grass Drink S$3.90
Really appreciate the big metal cup, keep us chill under the crazy warm weather.

Mango Salad S$9.90
Tossed with lots of crushed peanut, sourness of mango was mellow down.  Crispy dried shrimps made this common thai dish very unique with a tinge of spiciness.

Fried Prawn Cake Balls S$11.90
Bouncy minced prawn meat in crusty balls was perfect with thai sweet sauce.  I would consider it a divine dish with beer, heehee....

Tom Yam Seafood Soup S$10.90 (S)/S$16.90(L)
A delightful serve of sour and spicy soup with fresh huge prawns.

Salted Egg Cuttlefish S$14.90

Yellow Curry Prawn S$17.90
Thai padpong curry stired fried with egg and onion results in thick and flavourful gravy.  It's that kind of gravy where you can finish a few bowls of rice with just the gravy alone.  Licking them off the big prawns was shiokness, almost wanted to ask for another serving

Green Curry Chicken S$12.90/S$13.90/S$14.90
Suitable for people with lower tolerance for spicy food, curry was rich with coconut milk with generous chunks of tender chicken.

Weeping Tiger S$24.90
It's a humorous name for grilled sirloin beef.  It's said that even the tiger will weep in satisfaction after eating this dish lolxx....  Seasoned sirloin beef was grilled and served in strip together with special made in-house sauce.

Thai Style Morning Glory S$8.90
Photo credit Michelle Lim
Non-spicy, in fact it's sweet savoury with oyster sauce and garlic.  Yummy!!

Steam Seabass in Chilli Lime S$31.90
My judgement tells me this big fat seabass was 800 - 1000g.  Served on a warmer, it's semi-submerged in chilli and lime gravy.  I took the first mouth of fish without gravy, fish was fresh without "muddy" or fishy taste.  Then I took more with the gravy, and that's where I couldn't stop already.... the gravy was sour at first but sets a spicy burn down the throat.  Damn addictive!  All of us at the table was ........ aw.......  MUST ORDER!!

Red Ruby S$4.90
Topped with jackfruit slices, red ruby was hidden under shaved ice and coconut milk.

Gorgeous and crunchy red ruby.

Tapioca S$4.90
Steam tapioca with coconut milk, a simple dessert which never fails to satisfy.

Mango Sticky Rice S$7.90
I'll always find space to stomach this.  Sweet sour mango and soft sticky rice are made for each other, both to be send into our mouths for ultimate pleasure, my gawd.....

Am drooling uncontrollably like a teething baby drafting this post.... I need to visit again!

Siam Society
15 Jalan Riang
Opens daily - 11.30 to 15.00 and 17.30 to 22.30
Tel: 6286 8603

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